Have Gamers gained a newfound respect for Spore thanks to No Man Sky´s broken promises?

I (Jack Davis, TGG) got quite surprised when I heard that "Spore" is doing really well on Steam right now (the recent Steam reviews are very positive). In the matter of fact, "Spore" is doing so well at the moment that people have actually started to recommend other gamers to pick up "Spore" instead of "No Man´s Sky". So this is my take on the matter.

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vega2751433d ago

I don't know if i would say i found new respect for spore. But i do know thanks to no mans sky. I have went back to playing and trying to finish superman 64. Thanks hello games

TGG_overlord1433d ago

Well...By the looks of the Steam reviews and comments alone, people are preferring "Spore" before "No Man´s Sky". So much so that people are even starting to ask EA for a "Spore 2".

vega2751433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I was just saying it to be funny. But i see your point. Thats pretty bad when they are asking for Spore 2.

SilverClock1433d ago

Man I've been wanting Spore 2 ever since Spore came out and I beat it. :'(

Simon_the_sorcerer1433d ago

I can´t blame them for feeling that way really. I mean, NMS is anything but what the devs promised us that it would be...And they charge us 60 bucks for the game as well.

TGG_overlord1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I think the refund comments on Steam speaks for itself really...

Elwenil1433d ago

I always said that NMS looked a lot like the last stage of Spore but always got voted down and blasted about how "revolutionary" NMS was supposed to be. Spore was a pretty solid game when it came out and still plays well today and from what I can tell, has a lot to offer besides just raw exploration. It may lack the first person perspective and more "hands-on" feel of gathering resources, but that also seems to be one of the most common complaints about NMS from what I have seen. At least Spore has the whole creative design thing to give it a bit of variety over the whole evolution/reach the center of the galaxy deal. I'm sure the die hard console players won't understand any of this and will immediately lash out at what they can't comprehend but the fact of the matter is, NMS owes a lot to Spore and from the reviews on Steam, it seems at least some people feel Spore is a better game. I'm not going to weigh in on that topic since it's pretty hard to compare an 8 year old game to anything new but just looking at the gameplay and features, Spore looks like it would have been a much better value at $60 in 2008 than NMS is today.

TGG_overlord1433d ago

You have made the best comment so far on this topic ;) And one could actually get this awesome "Spore" collection rather cheaply:

Simon_the_sorcerer1433d ago

I also just noticed that EA has launched a Steam campaign for Spore on Steam xD (I bet that they saw what people wrote about NMS on Steam, so now they´re cashing in on that fact).

TGG_overlord1433d ago

And I just saw EA dropping some tweet about it as well :P

LordMaim1433d ago

I do not accept your premise, author.

TGG_overlord1433d ago

I don´t think that it was meant as a premise, but the actual outcome due to Hello Games mess ups with NMS.

Perjoss1433d ago

Spore space stage was decent.