PS4 Neo and Project Scorpio Could Begin New Stratification of Consoles

Stratification as in having a number of PS4 and Xbox One models to choose from. $199 bottom of the line consoles, all the way to $599 top of the line consoles.

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1907d ago
2cents1907d ago

Oooo... Big words! :D
Stratification. Erm... *looks up dictionary*

Ah yes, I do concur my good fellow.
Stratification indeed!

TheCommentator1907d ago

It' kind of funny too, that the author doesn't want to say for sure that "stratification" is beginning with Neo and Scorpio. But it is, in fact, beginning because each manufacturer will have TWO choices on the market that play the same games.

DeeBeers1907d ago

stratification is a perfectly cromulent word.... when applied to Scorpio.

LexHazard791907d ago

Im loving the vision of Sony right now. This conference is already good but let me get back to it. My boy Cerny is talking.....

iluvmaPS31907d ago

Goodbye gaming :( they want to make us buy a new console every other 2 years. I'm sure M$ is pushing for this as Sony wanted the ps3 to be 10 years now not so much. Damn you M$! And now $ony

annoyedgamer1907d ago

Not a big deal, we will just move back to PC gaming where it all began and instead of buying a new console every 2 years, just upgrade the rig.

iluvmaPS31907d ago

Instead of buying a new console every two years just upgrade your PC every two years....

You guys just don't get it.

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SegaGamer1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Why goodbye gaming ? it's not really changing all that much. You're not being forced to buy these upgraded consoles, you will still be able to play every PS4 / Xbox One game on their current models. If anything this is a step forward. No longer will we need to worry about the future of our digital content, every game we buy will be compatible with the new model, that is a great thing. It's something that has worried me for many years. As it stands, the PS3 digital content is very vulnerable. If the PS3 servers shut down, all of that money people paid out for digital content will be wasted. With the PS4, there is some future proofing going on, you can now carry your content over to the new model. This is how it should be and i hope it continues from now on.

A lot of gamer's are so melodramatic, so many treat anything new like the worst possible thing that can happen.

annoyedgamer1907d ago

RIP consoles. They are branded low speed gaming PCs now. There is a bright side to this though...gaming will once again be PC based again and we will actually get games that pushes hardware for years after release ala Crysis 2007.

ShaunCameron1907d ago

AHHH! The same Crysis that most PC's couldn't play and barely broke even.

iluvmaPS31907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

RIP gaming maybe? I and im sure a lot of us cheap (smart imo, you have to be smart with money) console gamers don't play PC because we don't want to spend the money to upgrade every 2 years. Now this will be the same. Ps4 will be my last consoles for sure. I love gaming but it's not that high of a priority.

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