What to Expect from the PlayStation Meeting

We're only a few hours away from Sony's big meeting, what do you think we'll see?

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morganfell1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Upgradeable PS4 Neo. Red Dead Redemption UHD. Mass Effect. SIE London Game. Wild from Michael Ancel. Syphon Filter Announcement, new Square title, COD Beta information.

EDIT: SOCOM Announcement

mikeslemonade1867d ago

Lately Sony has been meeting expectations in almost every event. I expect a couple suprises outside of Neo.

gangsta_red1867d ago

2 out of 9 ain't bad.

Or maybe 1 and a half considering the Pro isn't upgradable.

morganfell1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Good enough. All PS4s get HDR support. Slim at $299 and PS4 Pro at $399, add PSVR and Sony has sealed this generation tight. Games were running in 4K - something many said was not possible. Nothing you and your company can do about it. Game over.

gangsta_red1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

"Nothing you and your company can do about it. Game over."

Why would I want to do anything about it? Oh're always on.

I heard the Pro doesn't support 4k Blu-ray. That doesn't sound believable right?

Upscaled 4k by the way Morganfell.

morganfell1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

You spend enough time attacking Sony it is undeniable by you or anyone that you want to "do something about it." You can tell yourself what you wish but your post history says otherwise. The truth is that evident. So solly GI. I'll be gaming on a PS4 pro this year :)

gangsta_red1867d ago

When do (did) I attack Sony? Please be very specific in your paranoid accusations that only seems to shine a light on your extreme false sense of security that brings you to always constantly fight some strange console war which in turn only exists in your mind.

I'll also be gaming on PS4 Pro...but later since I don't have a 4k TV and won't be getting one anytime soon. My PS4 will suffice for now though :)

morganfell1867d ago

Go look at your own post history. You have been anti-Sony from the start, literally from the start. Done with you.

And no one believes you are buying a Sony product after your post history. Look at how you refer to Sony supporters. Look at your attack history. Go ahead, pretend away otherwise but you will be doing it alone. Everyone on this site knows you for what you are even if you wish to play the Hillary "I don't remember" card. Reality disagrees with you. Examples? Your entire post history. And stop kidding yourself with false attempts at imaginary superiority. You are only lying to you and quite poorly at that. When you enter a console thread to argue a counter point, which you have done numerous times, you are taking a side in the console war. Goodbye.

gangsta_red1867d ago

Are you cross with me Morganfell? You seem so upset, harboring some deep resentment towards me and I don't understand where it's coming from. I thought the reveal of the Pro was good. $399 was a great price, not to keen on the look of the pro though but please don't take that as an attack on Sony.

I'm looking at my post history and I see lots of discussions about games. Games that I like and games that I don't like. They seem to range from games on X1 and PS4...since I do own both systems. Maybe it's another gangsta that you're getting confused with on here because I love my PS4 and a lot of games for it. So in a sense we are like brothers because we both share and enjoy the same console right :)

TheHorseTamer1867d ago

Man, you were way off on your prediction. The no 4k UHD drive is a failed no matter how you look at it. I was set to get the formerly known as Neo now Pro because of the UHD movie disc playback to supplement better specs for game. There is no incentive now for me. Neogaf is roasting this bone head decision by Sony.

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pompombrum1867d ago

Hopefully showcase some more VR stuff, with the release being just over a month away, will be a chance to promote it further and get us all excited.

Gamist2dot01867d ago

Hum... I'm expecting awesome demos the 1st party teams can do with Neo.

gangsta_red1867d ago

The official reveal of the Neo.

Artemidorus1867d ago

No chance maybe an official name.

Angeljuice1867d ago

Sony execs talking about PlayStation products.

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