20 things Chrome needs to beat Internet Explorer and Firefox writes: "Google's Chrome browser has made a significant impact on the online community, that's without a doubt. But Chrome is still in beta and Google must make sure that it continues to improve the browser if it is to pose a serious challenge to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google need to step up beyond its recent achievements and produce a complete package of performance, customisability and simplicity. It has the basics down pat, so we've compiled a list of 20 things Google need to revolutionise the browser market and take away significant share of the market from the major players."

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Rikitatsu3696d ago

It already crushed Internet Explorer, and its Torturing Firefox3

Who makes these stupid articles ?

FUD at its best

dnf273696d ago

Where did you get that info from? I would love to see the stats...

Rikitatsu3696d ago

I already tried both, Chrome is way faster, go try it yourself

dnf273696d ago

Yeah, it's faster for sure. But your statement you made was that it generally crushes IE and Firefox without any mention of how or who said, aside from yourself. Just sounded a tad general.

In terms of pick up by consumers, IE and Firefox are still WAY ahead. That is the point of the article. How Chrome can overtake IE and Firefox in terms of the amount of users, not the speed.

Rikitatsu3696d ago

Chrome isn't better with just speed, Its lighter on the memory, and also More user friendly, It only lacks Add-ons ... since its Open Source, I am sure it will become available later .

I Make Stuff Up3696d ago

Jesus. Chrome's been out what, not even a week?
Way to state the obvious.

uie4rhig3696d ago

while i agree with most of these points i think its already crushing IE!! but if most of these plugins are integrated, it will crush Firefox as well (FYI, IE still doesn't have many of the things Chrome has)

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verb3k3696d ago

that having huge press doesn't make you the best. Chrome was propagated very well, but it can't stand on its feet yet. Just try opening a lot of tabs in the same window and see what happens. Answer is here:

What else? no add-ons? no AdBlock Plus??
No thanks
Seems like a tasteless tart to me.

user8586213696d ago

its already killed internet explorer

Kholinar3696d ago

Seems like a poorly thought out article. Most things are just bug fix/ui tweak stuff that I have no doubt will be fixed almost immediately and most of the rest are only important to a tiny subset of users. Even extensions are only really a dealbreaker for firefox power users...

Bug Fixes and Things Google might or will probably implement (it's a BETA):

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 (come on, bug fixes? this is a barely released beta), 12 (already in the works as everyone knows), 15, 17

Things that are geared towards tiny percentages of the market:

4, 8, 11, 14, 16 (Of the millions who use firefox and ie, how many have objectdock? Such a ridiculous point), 18 (Chrome, ironically, has less chrome than any other browser and almost provides a fullscreen experience off the bat), 19, 20

Rss Reader: 2... Why would google integrate this? Google Reader is widely used, loved and it fits under the web app category that this browser is geared to facilitate. This one's very poorly thought out. Chrome will create an icon on your desktop for Google Reader. That's Chrome's RSS reader functionality. No more will be added.

Update Webkit: 13... No doubt Google will, but there are not going to be instant updates every time webkit releases a nightly build. It's simply impossible. There'll be flaws that'll float out there. It's part of open source, but it's also a part of closed source. Instant patches don't happen with firefox, ie or any other browser no matter how bad the vulnerability. In addition, most of these flaws work on social engineering which means, in some cases, the changing the browser actually perpetuates problems since user education is what really needs to happen. For example, the green bar in Firefox and IE means nothing to most people who use it. They don't know that it's an anti-phishing protection. So they don't learn to avoid the scams.