Dragon Quest IX actually coming out in 2008?

Siliconera writes: "A game like Dragon Quest IX usually has a prelude of previews months before it launches. We haven't heard Square Enix or Level 5 say much about the game and supposedly it's coming out sometime this year. Square Enix's TGS 2008 page for Dragon Quest IX sticks the title with a 2008 release window and there aren't many months left in the year."

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DA_SHREDDER4321d ago

but I cant believe they are actually expecting me to play the new game on a nintendo ds? Ive been playing most of their games on consoles since the Dragon Warrior 1 days all the way up too Dragon Quest 8 on the ps2, and Ill be damned if they think im gonna buy a DS just to play this freaking game.

I didnt spend $2000 on a HD tv, $600 on a ps3, $400 on a 360, and $2500 on a Bose system so I can play my favorite rpgs on a $100 dollar machine. Im so sick of Square Enix. I wish it was the good ol days where Enix and Squaresoft weren't partners. They were both known to produce the best rpg's, but now the only thing they are doing is killing the genre.

TheColbertinator4321d ago

Thats how things are with Square.I would have loved it on the PS2,Wii,360 or PS3 but I was dissapointed when SE went with the DS.I love the DS but I just can't see myself loving DQ9

SixTwoTwo4321d ago

Watching SqEx over the past few years has been sad. Some other company needs to step up and take the JRPG crown. I don't care if its Nippon Ichi, Level 5, or Mistwalker, we need someone to step up and give SqEx a run for their money.

PS360WII4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Really if you are a fan of DQ you'd know that DQ8 was the odd ball of them all on terms of graphics which is the one thing that stood out for it from the rest. Other than that it was the same awesomeness 1-7 had which still doesn't hold a candle to what this is going to look like on the DS.

With the way console rpgs are now-a-days Dragon Quest can't be on one and turn based level grinding games are now suited for good old handhelds and the DS is the prefect fit for that type of game which Dragon Quest is all about.

So glad it still has a 2008 window ^^

Bombibomb4321d ago

Another masterpiece by Level-5.

RememberThe3574321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Dragon Quest 8 is one of my favorite RPGs(it's funny because I bought it for the FFXII demo) and I don't have a DS, please tell me that its going to be on a home console.

ZackFair4321d ago

Which still pisses me off.

I do own a DS though.

KingDizzi4321d ago

This game will be by far the best selling DS game in Japan, I cannot even begin to describe what a phenomenon this franchise is in Japan.

PS360WII4321d ago

So cool and it's coming out on the best suited system for it the DS! These type of games are no longer good enough for the home consoles which is why they are putting it out on the handheld NDS. If you liked VIII you should love IX because it's still being made by Level 5 and still has that cell shading from the last one and is still going to be what Dragon Quest is all about.

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