Ten Cool Google Chrome Tips and Tweaks

PC World writes: "My guess is most people don't use Google's new Chrome Web browser as their primary browser yet. Google still has a long way to go with the browser adding features and fixing problems. Nevertheless, I've collected what I think are some of the most useful tips and the most interesting tweaks for the Chrome browser."

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Rikitatsu3719d ago

Chrome is the best! Seriously its soo Fast! More people should give it a try.. its very light too

Xakep3719d ago

The shift+esc shortcut is REALLY f*cking useful, I'm glad I read this article. Funny, I have 6 tabs open in Chrome and it takes less memory than Firefox 3 with like 3 or less tabs open. They just need to update the bookmark management and we'll be in business for real.

N4Flamers3719d ago

i dont know if everyone knew this, but you can take a link drag it to the top and it opens it up as a tab, that is freaking awesome.