Of gyroscopes and gaming: the tech behind the Wii MotionPlus

Ars Technica writes: "Nintendo's white wonder, the Wii, is doing huge business, and more people than ever are picking up a controller these days to flail their arms in a game of Wii Sports or do their morning stretches with Wii Fit. Everywhere you look, there are girls and grannies playing the Wii just as much as, if not more than, teenage boys. But for all the money that the system has been raking in, there are still some flaws with Nintendo's console: the most prominent of which has to be "Waggle" syndrome."

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ChickeyCantor4322d ago

"We worked towards [a cost of] $1 per axis."

Can someone explain what this exactly means?
Am i reading it out of context or will M+ mostlikely be under 10 dollars?

N4g_null4321d ago

"We worked towards [a cost of] $1 per axis." Means they can make one that is even more accurate than the one they are making which would be over kill. Ars has a good write up but it's full of errors. Lots of talk of waggle too. It seems to read more as some thing to open up the other console makers to make a move. Which is true, they should move on this. If nintendo can sell a new attachment then why can they not do this? Other wise the arcade xbox 360 is just there to test the theory that their system is too expensive. MS needs to figure out how to get creative and make some games.

The author of the article fails to say that this will be used in conjunction to the sensor bar also. Technicly you could do head tracking now with any extra hardware other than the motion +. This has to be the Wii zapper secret weapon. I mean damn if you get a Wii zapper and a balance board you could make a tron speed FPS! Now that would be sweet! Speeding around on a hover board using tracking and dead on aim due to the new set up. Then you could jump off your board and play some sword duals or better yet that cool disk game they had on tron.