Get Ready For Gen II of Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO hype train has slowed down over the past month, as players are eagerly awaiting some new changes and updates (all while our South African region is still waiting for its release). So what can we do with all this time spent not updating?

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Pancit_Canton1967d ago

Gotta catch-em all them suckers.

Hoffmann1967d ago

How about making it a good game first?

Ratty1967d ago

Why should they bother? They make millions a day just because it's called Pokemon. It sucks but apparently quality in games doesn't matter to most people.

Ausbo1967d ago

They should fix the tracking first.

Jmanzare1967d ago

It was great when it came out but it's the type of game that needs updates to keep it fresh. The only updates took away features for the most part

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