Bethesda Will Consider Developing For The Nintendo NX If It's As Powerful As The Xbox One Or More

In a recent interview, Bethesda's Pete Hines shared more regarding the possibility of developing titles for the Nintendo NX

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Obscure_Observer2840d ago

Power Hungry devs. I don´t think this is good for the industry overall. Once Scorpio and Neo hit the market, what would they say about game development on the original ps4 and X1?

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MasterCornholio2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Developer will be forced to continue making games for the PS4.

What's playable on the PS4 NEO has to be playable on the PS4.

It's up to manufacturers to create those policies.


"And i don´t belive Sony will not do the same with the NEO either."

Depends on whether they change their policies or not. The slides that come from the NEO presentation said that every NEO game has to work on PS4 as well.

Obscure_Observer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Forced? Xbox exclusive games will only be present on all Xbox platforms if it´s First Party Exclusives (maybe second party as well)!

Phil Spencer has said that third party exclusive games on Scorpio is up to developers. So it´s just a matter of time before we start see exclusive Scorpio games popping up. And i don´t belive Sony will not do the same with the NEO either.

Obscure_Observer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


"Depends on whether they change their policies or not. The slides that come from the NEO presentation said that every NEO game has to work on PS4 as well."

Invert that order. Ps4 games will run on NEO but, NEO "labeled" games will not work on PS4 since it´s not foward compatible.

I may be wrong though. ;)

SierraGuy2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

If the policies did change it wouldn't be for years from now which everyone would probably be OK with. We can't stay on PS4 specs forever.

Movefasta19932840d ago

How the fuck is that power hungry?1.3tf?Seriously...

ZeroX98762840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

it's simple, they make a game for PC and takes into consideration every other platforms which can at least run the game on the lowest graphic settings. Then start the optimising work and the final product looks just fine on consoles.

But when you got such a large gap from the original platform the game was designed on, per example the original Wii VS X360/PS3/PC, too much hours are needed to get it to run smoothly.

The NX won't get PS4/X1/PC Cross platform games if it's too much under powered. I hope Nintendo ain't stupid enough to make the same mistake again by releasing a new console with such a large gap in performance compared to the competition.

Angeljuice2840d ago

It's ridiculous to release seriously underpowered consoles and expect devs to struggle with them (especially when the user base is so poor).

If you make life easier for the devs, they will repay you with lots of titles. If you make it a slog to produce anything at all, they're going to go elsewhere.

LastCenturyRob2840d ago

developers have always been "power hungry". Ever since the Atari 2600 days they would add chips in the cartridges to help with graphics and sound. It's always been that way, one way or another.

_-EDMIX-_2840d ago

So you don't think a developer needing the resources to create the content that they're developing is a good thing?

Ummmm ok bud.

Obscure_Observer2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Ok man, if you buy their BS, FINE! But don´t come here just downplaying anyones opnion. Learn to respect.

We had witnessed Rockstar manage to pull out a GTA 5 out two 512mb Ram consoles. Heck even Bethesda was able to pull out that card too with Skyrim.

And now a console with 8GB and Less than 1.3 Teraflops is not worth their time? I call that BS!

Did you see the PRO presentation? Show me one, just ONE GAME that screams DOUBLE features, graphics, physics, LOD, particles and POWER provided by the Playstation PRO over any current gen game?

I´ll reserve my judgement on Bethesda when we´ll be able to make a comparssion between the two versions of Dishonored 2. The PRO and the Standard ps4 version.

Bear in mind, i want to see the DOUBLE!

_-EDMIX-_2839d ago

What are you actually even disagreeing with? A developer can allocate whatever they want to whatever features they feel like it in regards to their resources and developing a game you know not of what they're using the majority of that horsepower for to say they can or can't.

So yes Rockstar did create GTA 5 with half a gig of RAM that was absolutely amazing ..... so are you just assuming that Bethesda wants to make a game that is using the equivalent in regards to this generation? The issue I have is you're making these statements as if the company is seeking to settle as if you know 100% what they're actually developing down to the most technical scale, I'm sorry but you're not a developer you know not of what this company is making to state what they need or don't need to create their games, that's complete idiocy and you're disagrees are kind of showing your ignorance to the concept.

Just because someone was able to make a fantastic game last generation using a set Hardware spec doesn't actually mean this generation all developers should be fine FOR LIFE, I mean based on your slow logic you might as well say that we never need a new generation because of how much more processing power we have in comparison to last generation , but I'm sorry that's not actually how development Works , you're making this assumption based on developers never wanting to create more or never wanting to create more technically difficult games.

So what if I'm making a Grand Theft Auto in which you could walk into every single house feasible? That doesn't mean that all I need is more than half a gig of RAM because how do you know I'm making the game using the exact GTA V engine and using the exact set features in terms of models ?

Your assumption is that a developer is essentially going to make the exact same game and merely use the extra horsepower for just extra features I don't think you realize that they're using the extra horsepower for huge graphical enhancements huge physics-based enhancements adding a bunch of other complicated technical features I don't really think you fully understand how development Works to just assume more power is not needed that seems to be a very dumb childish immature assumption based on someone's lack of knowledge or even lack of basic history of Gaming.

I bet you think 70 MB was more than enough for gaming 20 years ago too right? I mean come on bro what could squaresoft possibly need 700MB for on 3 disc? I mean they made Final Fantasy 6 on 70mb so I'm calling BS that they need more technology../s

The issue I have is why on Earth are you comparing the last Generation to this generation on content that you're talking about is unknown to you? When on Earth did you start working for Bethesda and Rockstar?

So like the analogy I sarcastically used earlier it would be no different than your assumption that squaresoft does not need gigs space simply because the generation before they created Final Fantasy 6 using less, well buddy you're not talking about last generation and you're not talking about Final Fantasy 6 you're talking about the Next Generation and you're talking about Final Fantasy 7.

How can you tell a developer what they need for a game you don't know about? Lol

MasterCornholio2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"Ps4 games will run on NEO but, NEO "labeled" games will not work on PS4 since it´s not foward compatible.

I may be wrong though. ;)"

Conference is over. And you are wrong about that. They clearly stated that the PS4 Pro still belongs to the generation of PS4 consoles. Every game that runs on Pro has to Run on the PS4 Base Model as well. Not to mention all disks compatible with NEO additional features have to work on the Base Model as well.

In short, you buy a PS4 game and it will work on the NEO at higher settings. The NEO is a more powerful PS4. Nothing more nothing less.

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Aenea2840d ago

Yeah of course they need at least X1 powerful console to develop for otherwise the next Fallout will run at 10fps with drops :)

TheColbertinator2840d ago

Fallout on consoles already run like that XD

Sm00thNinja2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

But Fallout runs best on X1 lol you know Bethesda don't show Playstation gamers nof love ever

King_Lothric2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That doesn't stop Playstation from being the market leader. Also, how many other games run best on PS4 than on x1? A lot more than viceversa.


Wow... the disagrees for you being 100% correct lol

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Sm00thNinja2840d ago

True why Bethesda doesn't acknowledge this beats me

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ninjazfistz2839d ago

I don't think it has to be as powerful as Xbox One if games run at a lower native resolution and maybe upscales to 720p/900p (nx screen resolution)

quent2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Lazy attitude from Bethesda, how many 3rd party devs have also released games on handhelds or even mobile devices ?


Also: FOX engine

Nitrowolf22840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Their games have always been demanding on Console though even with the PS4 and Xbox One Fallout chugs like crazy.

I wouldn't call it lazy at all it sounds like they want to bring the game over but they don't want to give them a bad experience because who wants to play a Bethesda game on an inferior console when it's having issues with the superior one.

Know what's lazy about them is that they suck at optimization. Look at all the PS4 and PS3 releases of their games stronger Hardware yet inferior ports

Segata2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Fallout 4 FPS is not power. It's lack of QA

_-EDMIX-_2839d ago

How is that lazy? I'm sorry but they are very much correct to worry about Nintendo's next platform because they need to know that their game even has a market and that the platforms even powerful enough for them to fully convey their Concept in the first place.

If the platform is weaker it means that they have to allocate more time and more money to develop on it simply because they have to make a title specifically for the platform and I'm sorry but third-party developers most times do not do this they're not first party and they have no ode to a company to exclusively make or spend more time on their Hardware due to the company's incompetence.

FlyingFoxy2840d ago

Last i heard it was using the Tegra X1 (Hopefully X2) and also another rumour that it was using a custom Nvidia chip called Parker or something at 1.5 TF. So yea, all it would be is speculation until it's revealed at this point tbh.

May as well wait rather than worry about it now, shouldn't be long until we know for sure.

lazyboyblue2840d ago

Well surly Bethesda should know exactly how powerful the NX is by now? The ruddy things out in MARCH.

superchiller2840d ago

Nintendo is too afraid to share any details about the NX with anyone. They're obviously not confident in the product at all.

blawren42840d ago

they are probably confident in their product, but are just being super careful they have a well received reveal and launch lineup. If they claim to have learned from their past mistakes, they certainly don't want to risk messing it up again. Here's to hoping that they can put out something that 3rd parties will develop for and can sell more consumers on their system.