PlayStation Meeting 2016 Predictions: PS4 Neo, PS4 Slim, PSVR, And More

FENIX Bazaar writes: The team at PlayStation HQ sure do know how to put on a show. Its E3 2016 pre-show briefing was a wonderful blend of orchestral leads and big-name reveals, and while its gamescom 2016 was a little less in-your-face, its show floor presence set the scene for a big end to the year.

With Paris Games Week and Tokyo Game Show happening in the near future, PlayStation is hoping to get off the ground running with a press briefing at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City tomorrow morning. For more details on when and where to watch it, check out this article.

There have been many rumours floating around as to what Sony plans to show tomorrow morning. With Xbox planning a big end to 2016 with the likes of Forza Horizon 3 and Gears Of War 4, Sony will undoubtedly hope to make up some grounds on the PR front with an exciting PlayStation Meeting.

So what can we expect from the show tomorrow? Here’s what we hope to see.

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LexHazard791907d ago

Man Spiderman looks incredible on PS4 Pro. Im all in Sony, Thank You! Days Gone...

Wow Horizon looks beautiful on the can see the waterfall flowing all the way across the vista..thats crazy. Great detail....Im glad that I dont have to wait for a 4k display as it will also show great enhancements on my 1080p display! What was that FPS VRgame? I couldn't rewind it because it was Live. That looks awesome as well for PSvR. Just wow right!