FFXIII and Versus are Video only for Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has posted their list of titles they'll be dishing out at the Tokyo Game Show, indicating which are playable, and which will be video only at the October event. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII are showing up as video only.

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TheColbertinator3718d ago

I think wishing for gameplay videos anytime soon is unlikely.Its best to at least hope they show something that at least adds to the trailers we have already seen

soul899er3718d ago

what? that is so wrong. i mean jeez its been about 5 years and we still getting Trailers? thats BS! GIVE US GAMEPLAY FOR AT LEAST XIII! >_< its been long enough!

PikkonX3718d ago

It's almost as if these games don't even exist outside of those same trailers they've been showing for a while now. The FFXIII demo coming with AC is probably the only bit of gameplay they have up and running lol. Obviously that's not true (I hope), but I can't believe we've come from a time where Squaresoft was dropping gems back to back, to the present-day where they're just about nonexistent outside of the handheld scene. Sony and their hardware decisions take some blame for this too.

Taker_1293718d ago

I really hope they show something new for these games, because i'm really tired of seeing the same trailer over and over again.

sumfood4u3718d ago

Looks like we got more of the same we had before!

Fox013718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Better be a new trailer with lots of gameplay of I'll really curse SquareEnix.

silverchode3718d ago

wasnt the ps3 version already playable?

MvmntInGrn3718d ago

SE have been very odd this gen. I am beginning to loose faith. FFXIII looks good, but not THAT good, what are they planning? I see no game feature that could take THIS long.

Mc Fadge3718d ago

We haven't seen ANYTHING of the games yet, you can't say it looks disappointing cause there's nothing to disappoint. We haven't seen any game features either (other than a single fight for about 3.247 seconds). All we can say, is that the cut scenes look amazing, as always

Laexerias3718d ago

Thats Square Enix as we know them! A fully dissapointment!

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The story is too old to be commented.