Top 5 Co-Op Games for the Rest of 2008

There are tons of great co-op games coming out this year, but the Co-Optimus staff has waded through them all and picked the top 5 must play co-op titles for the rest of 2008.

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will5625793d ago

I think that wrong come on resistance 2 won that one with 8 player coop online with its own story

Mc Fadge5793d ago

1. Rock Band 2
2. Resistance 2
3. Left4Dead
4. Gears of War 2
5. Fable 2

Maybe Resistance and Left4Dead can float around together, but that's my order

Beast_Master5792d ago

I got a strange list, I was one of the 10 people who enjoyed Army of Two, I like games that offer Split screen co-op, so that I can beat them with my little brother, I think only 3 of these have that feature:

1. Gears 2
2. R2
3. L4D
4. COD:W@W
5. LBP

Reload925793d ago

We'll see how this list turns out once Resistance 2 is released.

butterfinger5793d ago

for all of these titles. Rock Band 2 would have to be the best co-op game out of those for me. Rock Band 2 is the only one out of those that I can play drunk with my friends and laugh hysterically most of the time:P I am getting more and more excited about L4D though...

Yamato5793d ago

Gears of war coop better than R2 Research before you do that stupid Top 5, R2 have 8 coop campaign is the first game to bring that feature. More respect people.

TheColbertinator5793d ago

I think its because the 8 player co-op has not been fully revealed yet.The Gears 2 co-op is exactly like the original so no real surprise there.

juuken5793d ago