No PS4 Trade-In Program for Neo Could Alienate Core Gamers, Says Analyst

Video games has never seen mid-generation hardware upgrades like gamers have heard about and PS4 Neo is expected to take center stage tomorrow.

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ziggurcat1846d ago

regardless of how anyone feels about them, i'm pretty sure gamestop/EB games will have some kind of trade-in deal....

Neonridr1846d ago

yeah.. they'll probably give you like $50 towards the Neo purchase :P

ziggurcat1846d ago

haha i know they're bad, but I would expect it'd be somewhere in the $150-200 range like the OG Xbox trade-in thing they had.

Neonridr1846d ago

I hope you are right. I have no need for my OG PS4 so I could definitely use the money to help soften the blow since I am also getting the PSVR next month.

Rimeskeem1846d ago

If they can give, was it 150$? Towards a new gen console from your old gen then they can give that same amount. At least towards an upgrade.

I don't care though, already have someone who wants to buy mine for 200$ when NEO releases.

peewee110161845d ago

they moved it dwn to 150 from 200 2 weeks ago so people wont feel ripped off with the added 50 lol gamestop are crooks

mikeslemonade1845d ago

Currently it's $125. I'm just gonna buy the Neo outright and trade the vanilla PS4 in. I'm not waiting for the deal because that may take a while, but I will offer my system to my friend for $150.

Currentlyly there's still no Xbox slim trade in deal. Sorry I'm not gonna wait for 3 months to half a year for something I want. YOLO

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hulk_bash19871845d ago

I buy games from them, but I always try to avoid pre owned and never sell my games. But they do have great deals on occasion.

LexHazard791845d ago

They only time I go to Gamestop is to buy pre 2 get one free deals. Aside from that Im better off buying new games from Amazon and Best Buy.

hulk_bash19871845d ago

To each their own, I buy from both amazon and Gamestop. I just dont like buying preowned games unless there is no other option. Im not judging anyone that does, its your right to do what you want with your own money.

fei-hung1845d ago

The stupidity of these articles. You don't need a trade in programme. Stores have been doing this job for years so why change it now.

Aenea1845d ago

I wish a shop near where I live (the Netherlands) would do such a thing, I would use such a deal!

Ah well, now I have to do it the hard way, sell it myself...

IamTylerDurden11845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Gamestop will obviously have a trade in program and you are an idiot if you think they will only give "$50" for your PS4. Sarcasm or not.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

They don't have to get a NEO to play games. It is an optional upgrade. Are there trade in programs for new gen system? Never! And, it is not like Sony is just dumping the OG PS4 with the slim altogether. If everyone upgrades, it will make devs abandon OG PS4 and focus on NEO.

I'm not againts the idea. I just don't see it happening. But I could be wrong

morganfell1845d ago


If leaked documents are to be believed, Sony has gone to great lengths to insure neither they nor devs - including 3rd party and indies - cannot alienate current PS4 owners.

freshslicepizza1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

well you know how people on the internet try and interpret their own opinions. same thing is happening with project scorpio, some keep saying its'a next gen system that will get new games the xbox one won't even though phil said the complete opposite.

the thing is about the trade in program, the more people trade in ps4's the more the price bottoms out. i expect quite a few will trade in.

DragonKnight1845d ago

Because all corporations are honest and unchanging at all times about everything.

Angeljuice1845d ago


Only MS won't be making Scorpio-only games. They have stated that 3rd parties can if they choose to.

That is the big difference in the two strategies.

_-EDMIX-_1845d ago

@mold-and Dragon- the issue with your logic is who's actually dumb enough to create exclusives for Neo and Scorpio? You're talking about the Lesser install base here so why would they opt to make less money? All while spending even more money? Buddy we're still waiting on those GTX 1080 exclusive games lol

If you understand simple PC gaming will also understand why neither of your logic's actually really make sense when have you ever seen a game released exclusively for the top GPU on the market? There's a real logical reason why doesn't happen it's because any company that would even have the funds to create such a thing would also not be stupid enough to limit their funds to a single GPU type it sounds pretty stupid.

Like really dumb.

So I would say the chances of you seeing a Scorpio or Neo exclusive are probably in the same percentile chance that you'll see a dual 1080 GTX SLI exclusive title lol

freshslicepizza1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

AngelJuice they said no such things. What they did say is it's up to third party how to use the extra power on Scorpio meaning they don't have to do 4k. Not sure why people are agreeing with your comment and again shows how some people want to interpret their own opinions with facts.

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CorndogBurglar1845d ago

What do you mean there's never trade in programs toward new consoles? Maybe not on Sony/MS's side, but Gamestop offers very reasonable console/hardware trade in amounts if its toward a new console coming out.

They did it with Xbox One, PS4, and also Xbox 1s.

My buddy traded in his PS3 controllers and games and it totally paid for his PS4.

CorndogBurglar1845d ago

Say what you want. If they can give me $150 for a console I'll have no use for and knock off the price of a NEO I'm all over it.

lazyboyblue1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I think the current trade in value for ps4 at this moment will become very much lower in the next 24hrs. 😕

Taero1845d ago

It's already $125, I doubt it's going to shoot up...

InTheZoneAC1845d ago

there is no alienation because you're not going to be separated by neo only exclusive games and you're not going to be separated from in game multiplayer

I'm ITZ and I disapprove of this article

JEECE1845d ago

Just wait until a game runs at 60fps on Neo and 30fps with dips on vanilla PS4 and the Neo people have a major advantage in the multiplayer. This is why iterations on console are stupid, and don't make sense like they do for phones.

(Btw, not hating on Sony, Scorpio will create this same issue, but potentially even worse)

InTheZoneAC1845d ago

I think laggers in multiplayer present a bigger problem than one playing at 30FPS while the other plays at 60FPS

Besides, at 30 or 60 fps there should be almost no advantage to the 60 FPS player other than his game plays and looks smoother.

nitus101845d ago

I assume you are talking about online multiplayer FPS games.

I hate to break it to you but you really do have to worry more about your network connection than you do about frames per second.

If you have a single player game that has little if any online component and requires the player to move their avatar at a fairly fast pace (think single player Doom which is 1080p @ 60fps on the PS4) then of course, the higher the frames per second the better.

The problem comes when you try to push for more than 60fps since you have to take into account the refresh rate (in Hertz) of your display device. As a rule of thumb if you want to push 90fps or higher you need a display that is has a 90Hz or preferably greater refresh rate.

Even if you want to compare resolutions such as 4k against 1080p, providing the fps is the same on both display devices and the network is about the same, in a multiplayer match the would be no real advantage since everything then hinges on the skill of the players.

JEECE1845d ago


So because people with bad internet create one problem, we should ignore Sony creating another totally unnecessary problem?

And yes, people playing at 60 FPS will have and advantage over those playing at 30, especially if the 30 isn't stable.

And yes, I realize this is an issue on PC and people play multiplayer games on PC all the time. But one of the advantages of consoles was that everyone had an equal experience.

Bahamut1845d ago

That falls on the developers of these games. If they want to lock the framerate for online to 30 fps for everyone in order to be fair, they can do that. Nothing states that 60 fps is required for every game mode of every game, come on.

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DragonKnight1845d ago

See, this is the kind of stuff that makes this gen pathetic. If I provided a reason to question this idea that there won't be Neo exclusives, I'd be told Neo hasn't even been announced and to wait for that first. And yet people are taking Destructoid at their word even though Neo doesn't officially yet exist and everyone knows there won't be Neo exclusives because... reasons.

Ya'll are the reason the state of the industry in relation to consumer rights and quality is in the terrible position it's in.

JEECE1845d ago

People are really desperate to ignore the obvious issues Neo and Scorpio create, for some reason.

DragonKnight1845d ago

They'll see for themselves. Then they'll say we have no other choice but to support the nonsense.

Pro_TactX1845d ago

I'm pretty indifferent on the matter. I'm just going to give my current PS4 to my niece when I upgrade.