Virtua Fighter 5 is coming to PlayStation 4

Eurogamer: Rejoice! The greatest fighting game ever made - and I'm typing this well out of earshot of Street Fighter obsessive Wes so I think I can just about get away with this - is coming to PlayStation 4 this year.

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blackblades1740d ago

-_- it's not what you think it is.

JCW20051740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

meh, clickbait asf. bundling it with that pos yakuza game that killed my beloved shenmue for so many years, ugh. hope it gets separate release.

NarooN1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Shenmue is super over-rated lol. When it comes to gameplay and even story, those games are trash. Why would a young adult male in real life want to voluntarily play a video game where they have to have a menial boring-ass job of driving a forklift around, going back home, going to sleep, then doing it again the next in-game day? Come on lol. There's a reason those games didn't sell well when they first came out.

At least the Yakuza games are actually fun to play.

1739d ago
NarooN1739d ago

Yeah Yakuza is so bad that they keep making sequels even a decade later lol. Meanwhile Shenmue could never come close to recouping the insane development budget costs.

Mkai281740d ago

So this is just like with Shenmue, going to the arcades and playing old sega classics. In Shenmue, you could even pull out the old Saturn in game. I see you playing a dumb down version of VF 5. A quick arcade mode:(

Inzo1740d ago

"The greatest fighting game ever made"

That is a matter of opinion. So imho the two greatest fighting games ever made Tekken 5 and Soul Caliber 3.

NarooN1739d ago

TTT > T3

TTT had everybody from T3 and T2 except Gon and Dr. B, gave them updated movesets, new outfits, with an optional tag feature. Fantastic game.

Kal-V31739d ago

For me, its a 3 way tie between Tekken 3, VF5, and KoF13. Its like picking your favorite child...but it's really VF5. ;)

Tetsujin1739d ago

Tekken 3 is the first fighting game to pull me from Street Fighter (until I discovered SF Alpha 3), however Tag 1 Arcade is what made me realize Namco knew their fanbase over Capcom.

Gaming_Cousin1740d ago


Well that's just your opinion and I disagree

Movefasta19931740d ago

Soul Calibur 3 and mortal kombat 9

Malphite1739d ago

Yeah just to prove your point: Neither of those games would even be in my top 20 of fighting games. I'd argue that Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3 aren't even the best games in their respective franchises.

Inzo1739d ago

Well then, thats your opinion.

boing11739d ago

TTT2 is the greatest.


That's true it is a matter of Opinion but I don't think there is a better balanced fighter than VF5. It is pure skill based and no character is better than the next. It's my all time favorite fighter. It's to difficult for most Americans and not flashy enough which is why it never really caught on here in the states.

NarooN1739d ago

I agree man. VF is definitely the most balanced fighter out there. Tier lists are meaningless when it comes to VF. I really like that aspect. You can pick any character and be confident that you can win a match without worrying about meta-level bs.

Naughty_Cloud1739d ago

For me, that's probably Tekken Tag 1 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. I also really enjoyed KOF 96 and 98.

Tetsujin1739d ago

I'd debate your Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike for my Street Fighter Alpha 3. Both legendary Street Fighter games. Tekken Tag 1 I'd say the Arcade version.

Imalwaysright1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

VF5 is the best fighting game of all time.

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chris2351739d ago

people are still buying fighting games?

Malphite1739d ago

What? I don't even...

ocelot071739d ago

Am actually more shocked people actually buy games anymore. I thought we all just come here to argue about consoles and games. Not actually play them?

BlaqMagiq11739d ago

You must be very ignorant to even say that.

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