The Youthdrainers Undermines Its Own Shock Value

Joanna Mueller writes: "In the game, pregnant women are held captive at an undisclosed facility in the middle of nowhere. This isn't a thinking man's horror title. We have a damsel protagonist, made more fragile due to her “condition.” It's obvious that the player should want to save this character."

garyanderson2873d ago

What a fantastically stupid looking game.


Shock Value Alone Won't Sell Sh*tty Games

Joanna Mueller writes: "Since the 1980's, video game advocates have been arguing for the protection of games as a medium of free speech. Frankly, I consider myself in that camp, but just because a game can push against the boundaries of common decency doesn't mean it should. Especially if the developer is just hoping to ride the wave of pearl clutching controversy to the bank."

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garyanderson2872d ago

Nothing wrong with pushing for controversy, but the game still has to be worthwhile. Lots of games in the 90s showed that.

ShaunCameron2872d ago

Because the novelty will eventually wear off and the audience will eventually wise up.

2872d ago
Cy2872d ago

So what? If there's a market for something then why should anyone care if it gets filled, as long as it's not something illegal? You can dislike so-called "edge lord" games all you want (in fact, you can like or dislike whatever you want, full stop) but even if games like Hatred are just trying to take advantage of anti-SJW backlash to make a quick buck, the fact that they exist at all is important in a culture that's becoming increasingly puritan and censorship orientated. Art is supposed to push the envelope. It's supposed to make you think. And even if all a game makes you do is think about why certain people are so desperate to ban it.

Enigma_20992872d ago

Yeah, it makes me think WTF is this s***?

Skankinruby2872d ago

Sure seems to be working for gta

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