Fable 2: The Next Big Advance In Open-World Gaming?

Fable 2 not only promises a fantastic RPG, but also a new experience in gaming as we know it.

dkpatriarch writes: "It was a huge leap when gaming went from two dimensions to three dimensions, but now the next big jump may be here: the fourth dimension. That dimension is time.

Yes, we've seen Oblivion-style weather and day-time/night-time changes, even in racing games like Project Gotham Racing 4. Yes we've seen time manipulation with action slow-motion in games like Max Payne, and time-reverse with games like Prince of Persia and Timeshift. And yes, games like Civilization have given rise to towns or cities that change in stages over time. However, Fable 2 promises to bring an open-world free-roaming game where no GTA, Oblivion, or Assassin's Creed has gone before using the fourth dimension."

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Hunter863692d ago

Fantastic read. So pumped about this game. I just hope it lives up to all the promises this time round.

dktxx23692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Who knows? Molyneux tried to keep his mouth shut so it may actually over deliver.

radio0o3692d ago

dont really see how this "world" can be so big when they only have 7GB of disc space to work with. theyll need to cut back in many other places

Hububla3692d ago

i dont know if this is almost too much you know.. i mean like what if you do something and it has really sh!t consequences in the future.. i mean there is nothing you can really to to take it back.. and i mean... buying ur family food so they wont die... thats going a little over board dont you think? your gunna be watching every little thing you do and you will have to keep coming back to do the same things like.. feedin ur family.. fun..... its a really good idea and i think it should be used in other games too but... i IMO they went a little over board with it..

Shadow Man3692d ago

Have you seen Oblivion and GTAIV?

LastDance3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Sounds really in many games the consequences of actions need to be real and ROBUST...too often i find that players being able to manipulate a game is really superficial.

still if its as good as they say...would be a really immersive game.

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Skyreno3692d ago

read it, say this game is going to be good.... i doubt it lol well lets see if is going to be flop like others ^^ just wait this game is going to be rated 7.0

fufotrufo3692d ago

ahahahahahaha you are funny!!! hahaha

.... NOT!


gaminoz3692d ago

Molyneux has been careful in interviews about not 'promising' things he can't show. The co-op aspect alone will make this great, but the idea that the world changes over time and not in some scripted way, is amazing.

I agree with the article.

Firstkn1ghT3692d ago

The second comment by a sony fanboy bashing a 360 article. Oh how this site has fallen to the trash.

dktxx23692d ago

Firstknight, dude, ps3 articles get trolled by 360 trolls, and 360 articles get trolled by ps3 trolls. It's not like only Droids do it.

solidsnakus3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

its pretty sad theres actually ps3 trolls in here saying this is gonna flop. fable 1 was highly received and had alot of awesome ideas and gameplay mechanics. yet these same trolls turn around and praise killzone 2, a game where the first game suckd bawls @ under 70s from many big reviewers. i still remember people calling killzone the "halo killer" LMFAO!!!

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Immortal Kaim3692d ago

This game, by all accounts will be a fantastic experience. The whole mechanics of dynamic change is hopefully realised to its full potential this time.

gaminoz3692d ago

I can't wait to see towns evolve from little settlements and going back places and seeing them look so different. Still not sure about the dog thing, but the family dynamic is exciting.

Superfragilistic3691d ago

According to the latest issue of Gamerzine, Fable 2's world continues whilst you are not playing it. For example if you own shops and property they will continue to generate income, rent and change in value for when you return.

Molyneux even admits that they had to change the property pricing economy so that as the economy becomes more prosperous whilst you're away, property prices similarly inflate (and vice versa).

This would only further deepen the dimension this article is talking about. ;)

XboxOZ3603692d ago

There's two followers of games like this,

Those that love them, those that hate them.

Most that love them are usually older or more "mature" gamers while those that hate them are younger gamers who simply desire instant gratification, fighting and mayhem in all games.

So when games like this come along, that offer much more than simply fighting, shooting and mayhem, they bag them and call them rubbish.

For those that spend the time with the game, or games like this, they are usually very well rewarded in the experience, and find that many hours are absorbed into the game before they know it.

LastDance3692d ago

I undstand where your coming from.....And i am not a rabid child who aboslutely needs to kill stuff.. however, like yahtzee says in his review of Oblivion, Immersion isnt just quantity. I tryed playing oblivion and found it to be very average. A lot of mind numbing side quests and drab scenery.

Just too add something.
P.s If you need proof, atm im playing agatha christies: murder on the orient express :P

TheColbertinator3692d ago

4D does not exist because time does not exist.It is merely a system of measurement and therefore it does not have natural elemental attributes.It cannot be harnessed or controlled like light or sound and it does not exist altogether.The PS3 and the 360 cannot do 4D programming regardless of power.It is simply called the decay effect and it does not equal 4D.As for Fable 2,stop hyping it too much.It will be a great game but not one that defies science and physics.

gaminoz3692d ago

Well if you want to get all technical, 3D gaming doesn't really exist either as it is all on a flat is the illusion of 3 dimensions during gameplay.

Interesting argument about 4d and time....So are you saying the whole theory of the 4th dimension being time is wrong?

TheColbertinator3692d ago

Yeah.I've got a few references on it but they are too long to list.I am aware of Einstein and Hawking and their theories of time but it truly does not exist.It is just a form of measurement like the metric system.There is physical evidence of light,sound,and gravity and there is also scientific explanation of thought,love,beauty and even God but time is not one of those in the same category.

This is why 4D gaming is just an exaggeration of deep programming.Games like Oblivion,Motorstorm,Far Cry 2 and Fable are impressive feats of programming but not defying scientifical law.

Common Sense3692d ago

It's perceived differently based on the frame of reference.

Bangladesh3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Where your whole whiny argument falls apart is that videogames are not the real world. I see the laws of science being broken nearly everytime I play a videogame. Developers seem to have more trouble emulating the "laws of science" than not.

Here is what I would define as a "4th dimension" application.

vlazed3692d ago

4D is not just about time but about space as well. All human actions and interactions take place in the fourth dimension. The act of playing a game takes place in 4D. Many natural and unnatural phenomena are scientifically observed through their effects, such as black holes.

I think, personally, that MMORPGs are 4D games, but what I think most developers mean by 4D is environmental changes over time. For example, planting a tree and having dynamic weather patterns that factor into that trees growth over time within the game. What I see as a hindrance to true 4D gaming is constant energy to move the game through space. A console/pc would have to run the game non stop to produce the desired affect of change in the virtual world whether you are in it or not.

Laexerias3692d ago

to see something like that happens in N4G,
here are really some users with brain..
that fills me with.. happiness =')
Oh no, im not gonna cry. Crap, i did start crying.

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