Valkyria Chronicles Returns, But Not in the Way You’d Expect

Actually, if we’re talking about the most veteran among Valkyria Chronicles fans, they’d probably expect pretty much exactly what you’re going to read. While Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and Valkyria: Azure Revolution have helped in making many feel better about how Sega is handling the series, the sprinkling of its characters and imagery as cross-overs with other games (instead of making an actual sequel, or bringing back II and III as long overdue remasters), is well known.

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DarXyde823d ago

I love Valkyria Chronicles so much. I've sunken an inhuman amount of time into the first and then bought the remaster. I also enjoyed 2 a lot. Felt disheartening to play it on PSP instead of PS3, but I still very much enjoyed it. Still have yet to play 3--my Japanese isn't fluent enough to get the most out of the game unfortunately.

With that all being said, I will not download World of Tanks Blitz for that.

gamejediben823d ago

I recommend you download the fan translation of VC3 and a PSP emulator.

VC3 is my favorite of the series. The characters in particular are several levels more interesting than the characters in VC 1 and 2. I am still furious at Sega for not localizing and remastering VC3 (as well as a ton of other Sega games like Skies of Arcadia, Shining Force III, pretty much the entire Saturn first party catalog, etc.)

This is 2016, don't let the language barrier hold you back. If you want to play a game, then play it. If Sega is allergic to money, don't let that stop you. Once Sega realize how much money they could have made but didn't, they will start listening to the fans. Until then, get ready for lots of crappy Sonic games that no one asked for. One day Sega will understand...

DarXyde823d ago

Any homebrew applications I run are at a risk. I have 2 PSPs: one modded to hell but must remain plugged into a power source. The other I need to be careful with because it's a PSP Slim...from Hong Kong. This one is not modded because I've been too nervous to mod it (it uses different application software).

Big_Game_Hunters823d ago

Sega notice how they used the first game as reference? thats because everyone loves the first one and all the other ones suck ass. So why are you not making the new one like the first one?

SoulMisaki823d ago

I really hope this is a sign of SEGA realizing how much fans love the series and how much value it still has.

At the same time however, I really hope they don't plan for this and Azure to be the new bulk of the series.

The majority of players want to return to the SRPG formula with updates. (Think battleships, camps, etc.)