Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade to require a hard drive?

Could the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade REALLY require a hard drive to run? If is anything to go by, then it certainly will need one although we've seen Xbox change some of their pages which mention this requirement after periods of time.

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vitz34322d ago

Putting a question mark at the end of every N4G title is stupid?

Seriously guys it really needs to stop, it's retarded.

Hydrolex4322d ago

I think the developers chosed the wrong console for their exclusive.

they need the blu-ray which is for the PS3

Fox014321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Every time I visit this site and read the Sony fangirls comments, it just holds me from buying a PS3. I wouldn't want to cope with such idiots on PSN or Home.
It has some good exclusives (Killzone and LittleBigPlanet), but I think I'll pass.

I hope other people that are asking themselves wether to buy a 360 or a PS3 would visit this site; they'll make up their minds pretty easily.

Taker_1294321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

You should take a look at LightningPS3's posts, makes you want to get rid of that 360 too, huh. LOL

jlemdon4321d ago

If it's for better gameplay,graphix,etc.

Bloodwar4321d ago

Its seems as though he is confused? I would have assumed he was a PS3 fan, but he is supporting the Xbox 360 in this thread. Cats and dogs are falling from the sky, oh my.

mfwahwah4321d ago

You're judging millions of PS3 owners based on the comments of dozens of N4G members? Trust me, it's not remotely this bad on the PSN. It's a bit quiet (hopefully Home and SOCOM change this), but don't let N4G hold you back from a PS3.

I don't let PoG, GiantEnemyCrab, Odion, Mart, etc. stop me from considering a 360 purchase.

Nineball21124321d ago

Bloodwar posted: "What's wrong with LighntningPS3?
Its seems as though he is confused? I would have assumed he was a PS3 fan, but he is supporting the Xbox 360 in this thread."

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but LightningPS3 more than supports the X360 and bashes the PS3 on EVERY thread that he posts on.

thereapersson4321d ago

That's a REALLY stupid reason not to buy a system. Trust me, there are exponentially less people like that on the actual PSN network.

You're just making excuses so you don't have to worry about wanting to buy the PS3.

dantesparda4321d ago

Fox01 is just a fanboy, plain pure and simple! Nothing was said before his outright attack on Sony fanoys that was that bad, yet here he is crying and whining and calling you Sony fanboys, "fangirls". Yet never says anything about the 360 fanboys? When they are every bit as bad. There is no differences between the two sides. Youse are same. However, i have noticed that the PS3 fanboys seem to be more ashamed to admit that are Sony fanboys, than the 360 fanboys.

And p.s. Fox, I own the 360

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HighDefinition4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Makes sense, DVD9 is becoming a problem.

LightningPS34322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Sony just F*cken up. Developers will find a way. Because this business is about making money more than anything.


All I'm saying is, if you have the userbase, developers will find the way. And 360 has the userbase, and apparently about to get more with these new prices.

360 fighting the winning battle, PS3 NOT.

HighDefinition4322d ago

You still make NO sense to me half the time.


Bombibomb4322d ago

I think you meant to say ALL THE TIME, HD.

LastDance4322d ago

Hey HD....But lots of ps3 games have had installs so im not sure thats a fair comment. Im not denying that having DVD is a problem.

If its true that some of the xbox user base is going to be alienated, microsoft have failed in the worst way possible. Yea we can scream about lack of features or failing hardware on consoles but at the end of the day, you could still play games. Which is the main reason for why we own these things. If you cant even do THAT anymore. Bad news.

4321d ago
mfwahwah4321d ago

"360 fighting the winning battle, PS3 NOT." I sort of agree.

The 360 is fighting a battle and winning.

The war, though, is where we veer off into different opinions apparently ;P.

robbo9184321d ago

@Lightning: You basically just slammed yourself...nice job. Yes they will sell more of the Arcade version at that low "magic" price point probably but all those people won't be able to play this game (IF the rumor winds up being true) or any others that require they have a HD unless they shell out MORE money thus making that magic price point disappear as they blow more money buying all the stuff MS leaves out.

As to userbases...MS had an entire year with NO competition from PS3 or Wii and they are only 5 million ahead of the PS3 worldwide, what battle did they win exactly?

As to the story, if it turns out to be true this will be a big problem for MS. How can they say their arcade version is cheap when it requires you spend more money to play some of the games? I think its a rumor though, MS isn't likely to do something like this IMO.

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4322d ago
BIoodmask4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

This same kind of story has been posted at least 5 times about other games. The listings on aren't accurate. I remember the same thing being posted about Soul Calibur IV. Just some small website looking for hits.

HighDefinition4322d ago

This wasn`t going to happen?

MLB2k8 was the first real sign of what`s to come. When you can`t fit a baseball game on a disc and the rest comes as a "free download", you got problems.

InMyOpinion4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

If you can fit games like GTA IV, Oblivion and Assassin's Creed on one disc you don't have a problem. It comes down to how skilled the developers are and how much time they have on their hands before the game is released.

gambare4321d ago

those are multiplat games, they were made to run on the 360 and OF COURSE they fit on a DVD 9 because they were gimped just like every game considered to run on the 360.

InMyOpinion4321d ago

Name 1 PS3 exclusive game that is bigger and lasts longer then the ones I mentioned.

HighDefinition4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

GTA IV - Not as full of a expierence as the PS2 titles.
Oblivion - Cut and Paste fest.
Assassin's Creed - Most repetitive game this gen.

Every Exclusive since MGS4 is a more full and a not plagued w/ problems expierence than all those games.

R2 and LBP, to name some upcoming ones.

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