Spore customers lash out at DRM, sabotage Amazon score

Customers feeling burned by the anti-piracy measures in the long-awaited PC game Spore have decided to take out their frustrations on Amazon, utilizing the review feature to tear the game to shreds for its "draconian" DRM and "dumbed down" gameplay.

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gamesR4fun3745d ago

good news for pirates esp since this was cracked and on the web a week b4 release

CViper3745d ago

Until the developer can personally deliver & monitor every single title.. in person...

everyone who didn't want to pay for this game... downloaded it already.

So yeah, it pretty much just screws over the Honest Joe who risks having to reformat his hdd after some retarded DRM screws stuff up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3745d ago

I'm not in the piracy scene, as I don't trust pirated software. It is easy for them to slip in code to monitor your stuff or infect viruses. With that said, I think there is no way in hell DRM stops pirates. The game is released sooner to the pirates than to the average joe wanting to buy the game. If they want to pirate it, it is an easy click away at your favorite torrent search engine.

It is about time the paying customers revolt on the DRM and I'm glad this shows up on reviews. I hope this get's worse and picked up by other news sites and spread like wildfire!

kindi_boy3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

imagine what this will do to the honest gamers ?
i was an honest gamer i think..

I for one downloaded the game a week ago to check if am going to buy it which i do with every game before i buy, buy what's worth it and uninstall what's not.

a game called The Witcher i bought the game and had to format the PC 4 times in a week to check couple of stuff and went through hell to get more installations codes.

and now i bought this and can see what type of crap i'll go through after this i'll never buy a game that is limited to number of installs or to online activation but that does not mean i wont play the games.

Nineball21123745d ago

just one of the reasons why I gave up on pc gaming and moved over to console gaming.

Hopefully, this crap doesn't start happening on console gaming.

f7897903745d ago

and it wouldnt let me! What? So he has to use my screen name for his creations.

psnDevistator3563745d ago

Really the people that download games illegally(bit torrent) or whatever only make up a small percentage. Just like downloading movies, the people who actually pirated werent going to pay watch it to begin with

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Lumbo3745d ago

Some day in the future the decision makers at the distributors will realize that they themselves sabotaged their own target audience. And then they will whine and moan to the people who by then decided that buying DRM infested shiat just isn't worth their money and time.

I mean 3!!! installs and then you have to BEG at the support line to get another one? Impossible to install without Internet access?

Instead of wasting a truckload of cash on a copy protection that does not stop warez at all they should have invested that money into the Tribe and civ phase to offer some kind of gameplay. That money was completely wasted as the warez version hit the net BEFORE the retail version hit the stores. Epic facepalm there ...

The usual excuse they will offer now is "We know we can't stop crackers, we only wanted to stop casual copying of our property"

For the book: to stop ALL casual "start nero make a copy" piracy a simple cd-check works fine. There is absolutely no need to castrate the game by adding a bloated activation process for max 3 activations. And there is no use for the executable being stuffed to the brim with drm routines so that your customers pc's are busy executing all this garbage instead of the game.

Take a look at EpicGames, they know how to release:

1) At release they protect the disk with a normal cd-check to stop the noob pirates
2) with the FIRST patch they disable the cd-check cause by now the online play is the main pull
3) The game needs a valid serial for online play

El_Colombiano3745d ago

Great post. But there is one loop hole, if you will. What if the game has no online? Every game Epic releases is online. This is not true for everybody.

Lumbo3745d ago

Sins of a Solar Empire had NO copyprotection at all, it sold more than 500000 Units. That amount is considered 'good' as of today.

The fact is: good games SELL, if its not selling, you did not deliver a good enough game. The one and only reason EA included this abomination of a copy protection again (after the disaster called Bioshock, check the net for 'activation server offline') is to move onwards with their war against selling used games. Naturally you will not be able to reactivate the game via their expensive hotline if you bought it used ;)

FantasyStar3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

But developers can decrease the rate of pirated games. Very simple actually.

Release quality games. (Self-explanatory)
Keep the sticker price low ($30 maybe?)
Give the end-user complete control over their purchases. (No CD-Check)

It's not that hard to follow these simple guidelines.

Charmers3745d ago

So basically the pirated version is the superior version YET AGAIN and it doesn't cost a dime. I am beginning to think it isn't actually piracy that's the problem with PC games not selling it's people boycotting games because of DRM. I was set to buy Spore next week but after reading some of the stuff on Amazon I am leaving it on the shelf.

There is just no excuse in this day and age to limit the number of installs. The PC is an ever changing device people format and swap hardware in short spaces of time and to limit a user to 3 installs is pathetic. If there is anyone out there thinking of buying Spore I would think twice, this game and this company does not deserve your money. If you want something to play then buy Sins of a Solar Empire completely DRM free.

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