Home: Sausage Parties And Dressing Up Alike is IN (New Screenshots)

GameXtract writes "Ah, this brings me back to good old high school when everyone is just trying to fit in with all the latest trends. Another batch of leaked screenshots of Home have surfaced on the net. The quality is not the greatest, but these images show two things. 1) Everyone likes to wear the same clothing. I don't know why, and I don't know why they would even want to do that, but its occurring. 2) Sausage parties are the retro event to attend. I don't know about you guys, but I think we need to introduce a GX party into Home. The party would be intense, and the ESRB rating would go up. Screenshots can be viewed after the jump!"

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PirateThom4319d ago

Just wait until "Pool's Closed" and Afro/suits... it's coming.

CViper4319d ago

Greatest moment in internet history ever.

pwnsause4319d ago

cant wait till Home becomes just like The Warriors.

Overr8ed4319d ago

I dont get it... can anyone help me understand the joke above.

El_Colombiano4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )


EDIT: God I know. Man what an EPIC day!

Wildarmsjecht4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

If you've ever wandered around Habbo Hotel and saw that you couldnt get into the pool because of the stingerAIDZ, then you'd was a /b/ attack. /b/lackup was called and AfroDuck was praised with swastigets all over. Never Forget


EL COLUM~~ LOL! That brought back soooooo many memories. Ahh man...that was so fun. Getting banned, and using the pool tool to get right back in the action.

Lord Anubis4319d ago

I was there Yesterday in the Japanese Plaza

Overr8ed4319d ago

holy Sh!t thanks for that info. That was so cool Bubbles to all.

Ben10544319d ago

there was a weding in the Beta, about 60 ppl turned up (thats the max in a room i think)

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ErcsYou4319d ago

Warrior's, come out and playay...LoL, it looks like the attack of the boy bands. Ladies and gentleman, i have a funny feeling that home might get a little weird. Always remember that just because it's dressed like a women, doesn't make it a women.

poopsack4319d ago

thats gonna be cool for clans especially if that make your own clothing thing really comes out.

jwatt4319d ago

Who's really going to use Home to pick up girls?

LightningPS34319d ago

But just when the F*ck will home be out? Fall 2010?

King_many_layers4319d ago

it'll be out this year and no later. they're currently on version o.98, so there's .02 to go until the open beta

moses4319d ago

The furries don't strike >:(.

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The story is too old to be commented.