Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details – 6th-12th Sept 2016

Neil writes "It's time to get the wallet out and spend some of that pocket money on cheap Xbox One and Xbox 360 games as the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale arrives once more. Want to check out the full list for 6th-12th Sept 2016?"

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SegaGamer2341d ago

Why are we in the UK getting worse deals than the US ?
Dragon Ball Xenoverse is $9.99 in America and £9.99 in the UK.
The 2 Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures games are $4.99 in America and £7.49 in the UK. We in the UK have to pay over double the price. It's stupid.

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MrBobSugar2341d ago

i'm getting a malware warning