Disgruntled Ex-GameStop Employee Takes it to YouTube

Kotaku writes: "Kotakuite 'Raven V.' sent us a link to the YouTube rants of a former GameStop employee known only as 'WhistleBlowerZero', who has made a 9 part (!) series in the style of Zero Punctuation to explain exactly how bad GameStop is to employees and customers alike. Many of the tidbits within will hardly be a surprise to anyone who's ever set foot in one of their stores and/or had the misfortune of working retail, but the series seems to be targeted more at the casual consumer and perhaps people who think working at GameStop sounds like a great job. Viva la revolución?"

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mohib-uddin79865323694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Gamestop Sucks !

Its not a coincidence that there name is also similiar to "gamespot" where games go to flop

MrReality3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

i only reserve games at gamestop for betas then cancel one month later hehe. They truly are a rip off. There this place gamecrazy near my Hollywood video and it amazing trade in values are good they have an MVP thing for 10 percent more trade ins and when you buy a console there u get 12 free rentals at Hollywood there really good trust me i traded in army of two for 30 bucks after 3 weeks after the release Eb wanted to give me 18$ i think. Check the site out and look for store locater and go there trust me you wont regret it and if any game store offers a better trade in they will go to that trade value for you but too bad that never happens =) for a better gaming expierence

edit: i was looking at site and to show im speaking the reality click the game crazy diffrence at the top right of the site!

Hagaf223694d ago

much agreed reality, i feel sorry for people who dont have gamecrazy, its as if they rub it in the face of gamestop all that they are doing wrong, i do just like you and preorder just to get the incentives and then cancel, just like i did yesterday with socom, i canceled that preorder there, put it on littlebigplanet, drove across the street and preordered socom.... i hate gamestop, but some how they always get the best preorder incentives, so those of us with options will use the system, but the truth is, most wont go through the troble. so in the end gamestop still wins.

lsujester3694d ago

I know we all want to crack down on Gamestop, but they're not really any different than most big retailers.

I work at Lowe's, and I see the same kind of crap. For instance, we have a no interest and payments for a year. Well, the fine print says that you have to pay off the entirety within that year, or else you get charged for the full interest amount at something like 20% APR.

And on top of that, we get a weekly lecture from the Store Manager about not even mentioning this offer unless the customer demands it... simply because in case the customer DOES pay it off on time, Lowe's has to pay that interest.

And this from a company that is constantly priding itself on "customer service".

Millah3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Yes they do, I'm glad that I have a Play n Trade near me so I don't give any money to Gamestop. They are just another crappy corporation out to steal gullible peoples money.

Anyway this video sucks and so does this fake yahtzee guy. He can't talk and slurs like annoying I gave up halfway through.

Leave it to ben to do the real zero punctuations pls taynks yoo

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GaintEnemyCrab3694d ago

More like FlopStation 3. lol

The gaming GOD3694d ago

You're the first to try to call someone out on being a fanboy. Yet look at you. Just yesterday weren't you b!tching and whining about "you're a douchebag when it comes to 360 articles"?

Still want to say you're not a child? lol

"Flopstation" has been outselling your system all year. Now the only way your system sells decently is with constant price cuts. Go ahead, say I'm wrong. Say the ps3 hasn't been outselling you with their much higher price.

cr33ping_death3694d ago

LOL!!!! oh my god youre so [email protected] funny. LOL how do you do it? LOL. never thought anyone would come up with something like that LOL. you are the funniest fanboy on here LOL.

stupid Bot.

PirateThom3694d ago

Except he'll just say it's because of all the PS3 fanboys, so he needs to balance it out.

What a tool.

Lionsguard3694d ago

I've always said xbots have little to no logic or reasoning. They just spout random words and hope they form coherent sentences. They're pretty much mindless idiots, need proof? just go on XBL take heed though you lose 10 IQ points for every 3 seconds you're on it.

thekingofMA3694d ago

that's "gaintenemycrab" not "giantenemycrab"

i don't think it's the same guy. the real crab,although a fanboy, actually posts pretty good comments in my opinion, and he does add some humor that's much better than flopstation3.

Pain3693d ago

lets all help u with them bubbles..u seem to have to many.

And Ex-Gamespot guy is dead on the nail. i buy from wallmart "said in US Red neck Hick fashion".

GiantEnemyCrab3693d ago

Yup, this is an imposter. :/

snoopgg3693d ago

Thia has nothing to do with the playstation 3. Go take your copy of Too Human to gamestop and get $10.oo for it. It is such a flop!!!!!!!

3693d ago
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Arsenic133694d ago

Great job making us 360 users look dumb. F**king idiot. Oh and f**k gamestop.

Arsenic133694d ago

I still got to pick up my Fable 2 from them...Bastards. I shop elsewhere now. I laugh cause i once thought working there would be cool. F**k that.

Silogon3694d ago

What a coat tail rider. I'd be more embarrassed in taking someone elses gimmick than working at Gamestop, if you ask me. This is lame on all fronts and of the highest order.