'Metroid Prime Federation Force' Predictably Flops In EU Sales Charts

Nintendo's latest Metroid outing suffers a sad slump out the gates

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Activemessiah1541d ago

Supply and demand... no one asked for this.. give people what they want (Metroid Prime), they'll buy it. No idea why that's so hard to get. Glad this flopped, Nintendo will Lear--- oh wait, they never learn do they. >_>

ScreenGurus1541d ago

I just hope Nintendo hasn't hinged the success of the franchise on this outing.

Activemessiah1541d ago

That would be delusional beyond redemption.

GrimmyReaper1541d ago

I dunno.

Remember when Star Fox 64 3D launched?
Nintendo made a statement that if that game didn't sell well, they wouldn't bother with a sequel.

We did get one and ... yeah.

The future of Metroid ain't looking too bright

DarthZoolu1540d ago

Metroid is my favorite nintendo game. Prime on GC was one of the best games ever. Could you imagine a world where Nintendo games actually mature it at the same rate as the gamers. Metroid should have been on the scale of Mass Effect.

wheresmymonkey1541d ago

well it plays just like prime does, control wise at least. Though, it's not a metroid in the traditonal sense, it's still a fun game nethertheless.

1541d ago
ScreenGurus1541d ago

I don't think the lack of sales is a sleight against the game itself. I saw a heap of positive reviews. Me thinks a mixture of bad marketing and fan dissension is at play.

TheColbertinator1541d ago

Lets try with Samus again,Nintendo.

ScreenGurus1541d ago

It baffles me they threw this out after the 30th anniversary and didn't see this negative reaction coming.

Hoffmann1541d ago

But does anyone believe that Nintendo understands why the game flopped?

superchiller1541d ago

Nintendo doesn't understand much about gaming at all anymore. They're lost in their own little world, with only gimmicks, cheap hardware, and mediocre games to show for it.

King_Lothric1541d ago

That's the sad thing. They are going to believe that there is no interest on the Metroid franchise which is totally wrong.

Lighter91541d ago

I think Zelda BotW is a step in the right direction for Nintendo. I hope the rest of their franchises can follow suit.

Blu3_Berry1541d ago

good, nobody asked for that thing anyways. It was an insult to metroid fans

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