Apple Shares Up On iPhone Launch.

Shares in Apple Computer closed 8% higher on news that it was launching a touch screen mobile phone, the iPhone.

News of the device sent shares in makers of so-called 'smart phones' - such as the Blackberry - sharply lower.

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MoonDust5240d ago

This is not a stock market forums or site. Stop posting what the stocks do, apple stock has NOTHING AT ALL to do with gaming.

Marty83705240d ago

Do U ever read the article's or just the titles or look at the

MoonDust5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

I'm waiting.

r10005240d ago

It's in industry news.... so i'm not complaining that its here....

I should buy some stock in apple and cingular for that matter.

These things will sell like hotcakes...

THAMMER15240d ago

I wonder how they would do at making a games console? I bet they would give M$ and PS a pretty good run.