Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Goku Black Can Be Purchased, Super Saiyan Rose Not Planned

Goku Black, the Goku look-alike villain in Dragon Ball Super, will be making his way to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It was announced back in July this playable character will be available for free to fans who pre-order the game.

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SegaGamer1844d ago

Free for those that pre-order and the rest of us will have to buy him through DLC. It's just another reason why i hate DLC. If this was the PS2 days, the character would have been included from the off.

masso91121843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

It was a last minute addition, they didn't have DB Super characteers planned for the game at first, and it's possible he wil be part of the free DLC's they are going to release... They announced the game will be supported with updates for a whole year and with both paid and free DLC.

castlehill21673d ago

I respectfully disagree. SSR Goku black has already been revealed as a character that will be released in the future for purchase. But regular goku black from the day one will still remain a exclusive for those who pre ordered the game

DarkZane1843d ago

No, likely free for people who pre-order and the rest will never get it. SSJ4 Vegeta in Xenoverse was free for those who pre-ordered and it was never released as DLC. Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 has Boruto and Sarada as pre-order exclusives that will never be released.

masso91121842d ago

Have you even read the article? It states it is a preorder bonus but that it will be available for everyone later.

castlehill21673d ago

I agree and disagree SSR goku black has already been revealed as a playable character that can be purchased in the future but I believe the regular goku black that was a pre order bonus will remain an exclusive for those who have the day 1 edition

castlehill21673d ago

Not to be rude but your misinterpreting the entire thing. Goku Black is most likely to still remain exclusive to those who pre ordered the game. But as we all know he will be in a paid DLC later on. We got news already that SSR goku black will be a future playable character so most likely that's the goku black that id being referred to we they said that goku black will be available for purchase later on. The base form or regular goku black from day one Edition will still remain a pre order bonus for those who pre ordered the game.which means if you did not get the day one Edition you won't have a chance to play a regular goku black but SSR goku black will be available for purchase for everyone. It think it's for those who pre ordered the game and those who didn't pre order the game who still want play as goku black.How do I know this is because goku black was referred as a exclusive reward for those who pre ordered the game the same thing they referred ss4 vegeta to back in xenoverse 1 and he remained that way throughout the entirety of the yeah