15 Must-Have Firefox Add-Ons

PC World writes: "Improve your experience with Firefox using these terrific add-ons that make many routine tasks easier and increase the browser's power many times over.

Firefox 3 was released just this June, and many Firefox fans believe the new version is clearly the best browser you can get. You can make it even better with free add-ons, which integrate directly into the browser and offer loads of useful new features.

Want to increase your security and privacy, synchronize bookmarks among multiple PCs, dress up Firefox tabs, juice up Google, and more? Then I've got the add-ons you need. These 15 great downloads make the world's best browser even better--and, like Firefox itself, they're free."

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Parapraxis3691d ago

adblock plus, which does both.

jack who3691d ago

only reason firefox>ie the add ons

zo6_lover273691d ago

There's many more reasons than that

jack who3691d ago

no without add on firefox is crap to "me"

zo6_lover273691d ago

Firefox is faster and has less security holes

jmiscavish3691d ago

yeah, it has a lot less security holes and it considerably faster.

The addons are just frosting.

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Farsendor13691d ago

2 bad ff extensions don't work on my computer installed reinstalled ff 100 times must be something with vista. on xp never had one problem with ff extensions

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The story is too old to be commented.