Apple admit Briton DID invent iPod, but he's still not getting any money

Apple has finally admitted that a British man who left school at 15 is the inventor behind the iPod.

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The gaming GOD3720d ago

How about giving the man some $$$ for his efforts?

FantasyStar3720d ago

That'll never happen. The only way Apple will give the man compensation is through a legal case.

The gaming GOD3720d ago

I was just saying give the dude some love for inventing the idea they took by sharing some of the wealth

But yeah, like that's gonna happen

Raoh3720d ago

interesting stuff

good find, thanks for the share

superman3720d ago

If i was this dude a lawsuit.

dktxx23720d ago

He has no legal rights to any money. His patent ended in the 70's, apple made the ipod in the 00's. If he gets any money, it's out of niceness.

jack who3720d ago

atleast when M$ steal they pay.,.

The gaming GOD3720d ago

Sure MS pays.

But that's only AFTER a lawsuit is pressed on them. They don't just go and outright pay out of the goodness of their hearts.

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The story is too old to be commented.