Trailer of Sonic Unleashed : Super Sonic is back

The blue hedgehog will unleashed its rage against Dr. Eggman soon. And in order to defeat him, becoming a were-wolf is not enought for Sonic. It have to be Super Sonic again.

That is exactly what the all new trailer is showing with more gameplay footage. It's blue, it's fast... it's not Superman. But Sega's pet.

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nightmareluffy14328d ago

isn't really all that new. been out for a few months now on game

Jamegohanssj54328d ago

There better not be a damn Silver in this game or it's even more failure.


kesvalk4328d ago

it's not a surprise, sonic became a super sayan in every game he is in ( i don't know about the pinball ones), heck, every game that he appear he is special is super sonic...

anyway, i don't know anyone that don't like sonic in his goku-like form...