Hands on with Horizon Zero Dawn | PAX West 2016

Ben at TZR had a chance to try Horizon Zero Dawn at this years PAX West. These were his full impressions of his first time hands-on with the game.

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TwoForce2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

I really looking forward to this game. The game looks so beautiful. And it's huge departure from KZ guys. I'm glad they not wasting their talent. Even I love Killzone franchise, but it need a break.

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Lamboomington2344d ago

Graphics were great and all, but seeing that second gameplay demo... The gameplay just looks like so much FUN. Animations were awesome, feedback seemed satisfying, action was fast and exciting even to watch.

DigitalRaptor2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

That's right. Almost TOO beautiful.

Nobody should be sleeping on this game or on Guerrilla Games.

GOTY 2017 candidate for sure. 😍

game4funz2344d ago

Already getting candidates for game of the year. Id hold off until the game releases since there are many other games releasing.

Persona and Mostly likely God of War to name a couple.

Hardiman2344d ago

God I want to play this game so bad. February can't get here soon enough.

Darkfist_Flames2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

me too :)

Gecksta2344d ago

I want this game inside me :)

MasterCornholio2344d ago

That's a fine second course sir.

But do you want a soup or a salad to start off with?


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I hope people don't over hype this game. I'm looking forward to it as well but I'm going to keep my expectations in check.

TwoForce2344d ago

Oh really ? Do you really think this game going to fail because Killzone people ? First off, they maybe not like Bungie or 343, but they prove themselves do better and they did. Also, most previews are very positive so I can say that they are capable. I understand overhyped is the problem of industry, but some of them surpassed people expectations and other failed to do so.


Wtf are you talking about? You seem very insecure. Did I say anything negative about the game? No. People like you get on my nerve. You take what someone says and twist it into your own little twisted version. Maybe you should log off for a while and go outside...

TwoForce2344d ago

There is time you can judge the game before something that pop up. You need to have more faith about this game because the game got a lot of positive previews. I suggest you have more faith.


Again I never said anything negative about the game. Maybe reading comprehension is not your thing. I'm simply stating that I hope people don't over hype this game similar to NMS.

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