Modern Warfare Remastered is Not a Copy Paste Job

Raven Software explains the difficulties of restoring a classic.

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IndominusRex772d ago

I wonder if they will release all the dlc's later for free

franwex772d ago

They said the would, or at least implied.

Rude-ro772d ago

They said that the 6 maps will be free for those who buy the two additions of COD:IW that comes with with MW.
So, this means, to me, that MW will sell separately and you will have to buy the six maps. Who knows, but that is how they stated the it at the reveal.

mikeslemonade772d ago

Gonna situate myself and say COD4 remaster is definitely gonna be better than BF1. The beta I've seen is close to mediocre for BF1.

UltraNova772d ago (Edited 772d ago )


Judging from the BF1 beta i'd say CoD has its work cut out this year. Lets see how's this going to play out.

mikeslemonade772d ago

Nope.. BO3 is already better than BF1.

Majister-Ludi772d ago

Mike go drink your chocolate milk and play with your toys.

Kingthrash360772d ago

Bo3 is easier than bf1.
So I understand why you'd think it's better.. ..Bf is for the more advanced fps players.
So I'll just say this....Bf 4 released in 3 years ago as a launch game for ps4 xbo...BF4 is still up and running. Whit ghosts and advanced warfare struggle to keep people playing....with no you get much more banh for your buck.

772d ago
Kryptix771d ago

"BO3 is already better than BF1."

-_- He said Black Ops 3. That microsaction filled, pay $20+ for new weapons game and Infinite Warfare won't be any different.

BF1 is steps ahead and more epic. Not even logical to compare CoD4, a game you know all the maps already to a game that so far, maybe 85% of the maps haven't been shown yet.

I like to pay for games that has bang for my buck, not some game with rehash copy and paste mechanics. If you showed me IW without telling me it was IW, I would of truly thought it was a BO3 DLC.

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peewee11016772d ago

They said the 6 remaining maps will be free also more surprise will also come out in DEC

772d ago
Deadpooled772d ago


6 yet to release were in the main game, 4 were DLC maps.

saywat247772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

the in game hud is really a turn off. it just looks like they did too much unnecessary stuff to it and the annoying ass badges. they had one goddamn job and that was to give us cod 4 not cod 4 with advanced warfare sounds and badges. smh i hope i'm not the only one with this gripe.

obviously all the downvotes is coming from kids who only started playing cod at like black ops and advanced warfare cause if you played cod 4 back in the days when it was released you would know what i'm complaining about but of course you guys don't have the nostalgia of playing the original.

Blastoise772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

By badges you mean the thing's that pop up when you get "first blood" ect?

I like those, they've been in it since Modern Warfare 2. If anything I wish they were a bit more noticable like in MW2/Black ops, just hope they don't add the weed emblem again -.-

SuperbVillain772d ago

As someone who put in 100 hours on cod4 in my gaming prime, I can understand your point. But those are small things that we can easily get used to. The real fun and nostalgia lays upon the gameplay. As long as they can nail the gameplay I'll be happy, won't need another game for a while

WushuKnight19772d ago

How is it difficult to have a game in HD with more clear graphics? Bluepoint can do it right.

LucasRuinedChildhood772d ago

To be fair, Bluepoint's games pretty much look exactly the same (with small things like pop-in still being in place) as the original games, except they're in HD and may have a higher framerate. They pretty much justt reverse engineer the games, and leave them as they were. People expect more from remasters of PS3 games compared to PS2 games. This remaster adds tons of effects, lighting, sounds, new animations, interface elements, etc, so it's a bit different.

ORyanDeee772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

Bluepoint dont just do improved framerate and HD, for example with the Uncharted collection they made a new user interface, new assets and tweeks to the core gameplay and improved character control, etc. Plus they gave Gravity Rush similar treatment.

InMyOpinion772d ago

The Uncharted Trilogy looks insanely good. You can't tell it's a remaster of older games.

LucasRuinedChildhood772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

To be fair, the Uncharted games already looked amazing, and were way ahead of their time. I own tons of remasters and collections from Bluepoint, and they all pretty much look the same as the originals in terms of the basic look of the games (except with the expected upgrades like resolution and framerate I've mentioned). COD4 Remastered actually looks like a different game. The lighting is COMPLETELY different.

In terms of gameplay changes, the pretty much just made U1 and U3 feel a bit more like Uncharted 2. I'm not putting down Bluepoint or anything - they're great (they should have been he guys to remaster the Tony Hawk games, as they can reverse engineer code from retail discs). But they don't really put upgrades this huge in their games. If you just look at Uncharted Collection on Youtube, it's hard to see the differences. COD4 Remastered's revisions are immediately apparent, in as low as a 360p video. Do you get what I'm saying now?

InMyOpinion771d ago (Edited 771d ago )

@Lucas - Sounds impressive. Gonna have a look.

franwex772d ago

Haha at the answer when asked if they changed the music.

BarneyS772d ago

Too bad they changed the voice overs though, the old ones were much better. Watched some gameplay on youtube and especially the russian voice over was really annoying.

SuperbVillain772d ago

They changed the voices??? FML why

BossBattle772d ago

still only has 3 killstreaks

Majin-vegeta772d ago

And they managed to fudge it up...who ever thought it was a great idea to allow the heli to get more killstreaks is a moron and needs to be fired ¬_¬

BlackTar187772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

Seriously the heli shouldn't count towards the kill streak

iiorestesii772d ago

two people can take out a heli in 5 seconds. dont offer yourself to be a headless chicken prematurely.

Keltech772d ago

2 LMG mags can take down a heli. Or if everyone concentrate on the heli your team can take it down before it kills anyone.

SuperbVillain772d ago

Yes, that's how real men play. Get more of your kills from skills rather than relying on the game to do it for you

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GreenUp772d ago

Probably the most coding work Call of Duty has ever seen to thier code in the past decade was just from this game alone. LOL

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