No Man's Sky Is This Generation's GTA, Just Not In The Way People Expected

There has been a lot of negativity about No Man's Sky in the air, but does it truly deserve the amount of flak it has gotten due to missing features (According to me, it's too much)? Let's give No Man's Sky credit where it's due, the game has a great idea and is definitely going to be a reference point for future similar games.

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vega275777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

No it not. Please just stop already. No mans sky isnt this generation saint row. Hell its not even this gen watch dog.

Just please stop trying to compare it to other games. Because its not. Please stop trying to tell us we need this type of game this gen. Because we dont.

No mans sky if anything should be this gen life lesson for devs, pubs, and gamers.

For developers- this should be a lesson to not hype your game by false avertising feature you dont plan on adding and not being honest with gamers.

For publisher - when you hype a game and put the whole weight of your brand behind this game and you treat it as a first party game and it gets this type of heat ( not in a good way) then your just as guilty as the dev putting out a half-ass game and giving the greenlight to charge premium price for a early access game and you put your brands reputation on the line.

For gamers - that they should stop pre-ordering games based off trailers and hype.

TheOptimist777d ago (Edited 776d ago )

Did you even read the post?

vega275776d ago

No i didnt read it. Because I'm tired of seeing these kinds of articles. We can go on forever about this game. The damage has been done. Lets move on to another story already.

By reading this article what new insight can you provide that we havent read at this point?

TheOptimist776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

I'm not gonna explain to you why to read this article, because it is in the post. And every story about No Man's Sky is not the same. So if you are prejudiced, then it's you alone, not everyone.

Artemidorus776d ago

Don't need to when the title is already stupid enough.

Enigma_2099775d ago

When you star out with clickbait BS titles, how can you blame them for not wanting to?

cyber_daemonx775d ago

@vega, artem, enigma, so you can judge an article simply by the title and without even reading it.

What a joke.

Woe betide anyone who has anything slightly positive to say about No Mans Sky. How dare they. For your information, the author is simply stating how the game will probably inspire more procedural games in the future like GTA 3 did for 3D open world games. But you are so blinded by your hatred you can't read past the title.


rainslacker775d ago

"No i didnt read it. Because I'm tired of seeing these kinds of articles"

But proceeds to write a lengthy dismissal of the topic at hand, to express their disdain for NMS, as if people aren't tired of seeing that disdain as well.


If you're tired of seeing the articles, stop clicking on them. It's well within your power to control this. You may have to see the headline, but that's where it can end. The irony is, is your reactionary comment/view when compiled with everyone elses, only leads to the attention these articles get, which only leads to getting more of these kinds of articles.

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Aloy-Boyfriend776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

Sony has little to lose here. Yes they trusted NMS was gonna be a great game, so why not pay for a PS4 port? What id it turned out the opposite? MS also wanted NMS before Sony grabbed it.

So, They didn't greenlit anything either. Hello Games is not their studio.

vega275775d ago (Edited 775d ago )

"They didn't greenlight anything either. Hello Games is not their studio"

Yeah sony did greenlight the price as well as knew what state the game was being released in on the ps4. This is the second time sony backed a unfinished game and charged gamers full price for.

Sony also blocked any videos of people playing the game as so it wouldnt hurt sales for the game in which they invested money into and advertised to the moon.

Enigma_2099774d ago


No, the real joke is when someone does something so obvious, and gets offended when people call them on it. That's the ridiculous part. if the title doesn't represent the article as he says, then why the hell did he use the title?

I'll tell you... clickbait BS. And that sort of thing makes me not want to read it. Simple as that.

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ape007776d ago

no man's sky is this gen's Haze

VforVideogames776d ago

you hit the nail right in the head.

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