BC Gaming: The Conduit Impressions

The next stop for The Conduit "hype train" was at PAX 2008, where it was playable at Nintendo's booth. The build shown off at PAX was about 80 percent done. Clearly, this wasn't going to be the final build of the game, as the graphics and textures still needed a bit more polish, but from what BC Gaming saw and played, they were very impressed.

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philatopus3696d ago

actually, according to the ign interview, the HVS team haven't even received the voice chat/ motionplus peripherals yet..

so there really isn't a confirmation for such things

Immortal Kaim3696d ago

Yeah I listened to that same interview. The devs were really keen though to implement any new things to improve their game, but I don't think 'Motionplus' and wii speak' will be in this game.

I'm very interested though after hearing about the possible Lan option for this, intriguing.

kunit22c3696d ago

voice chat is in the game (wii speak) but not motion pluss because it involves the wii mote AND nunchuck how would that work!??! the motion plus plugs into werethe nunchuck does and it would be really lame if the game said please remove nunchuck and put in the motion plus. :P

Immortal Kaim3696d ago

Do you have a link, not saying your wrong, but according to the devs, they won't be getting the SDK's until September?

Voiceofreason3696d ago

The Nunchuk plugs into the MP add on. Just watch Reggie play the Jet ski game from E3. ... As far as Wii speak being in the game that was announced long ago. Sure they do not have the SDK yet but the game is still 6 months away also. As for M+ it would be a waste of time to wait on it. Conduit uses IR control, M+ isnt needed for that at all.

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Product3696d ago

and how would motion plus have any effect on the ir sensors?

ape0073696d ago

man I really wish that motion plus rocks

ape0073696d ago

this one looks so special hope it's the next turok 2

DRUDOG3696d ago

Isn't this the same game that the devs claimed would put PS3/360 graphics to shame? Hope this game doesn't suck since the hype train is in full throttle. (Yes, I own a Wii and really do hope this game doesn't suck!)

Immortal Kaim3696d ago

I don't think it was the actual devs saying that, again going back to the ign interview, they of course stated it wasn't going to have the best graphics (in comparison to 360/PS3) but was a solid game nonetheless.

Voiceofreason3696d ago

Nobody ever claimed it would "Put 360/PS3 graphics to shame"..

AWBrawler3696d ago

You do know that motion plus can connect to the nunchuck, right? Theres a port at the bottom.

Read the New NP, theres an article about it, and some cool new info on the Conduit, Warioland shake it, and House of the Dead Overkill.

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