Top 10 Arcade Games

There was a time when mastering arcade games was more important than going to your brother's wedding. Nowadays the majority of people play video games on their console or PC, but a long time ago the passionate game player was overjoyed when he knew that he would be spending the rest of his day in a large cavern filled with arcade games. This then is the list of the ten best video games of all time.

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RKRigney3693d ago

yet more quality work from Old-Wizard

JoySticksFTW3693d ago

And they throw TMNT on there?


I wouldn't say the list fails, but wow...

At least throw Dragon's Lair on there. Dragon's Lair gameplay may seem broken by today's standards, but the arcade game was revolutionary at the time. When I was a youngen, arcade games were a quarter but Dragon's Lair was always $1.00 - $2.00 a game with a mob surrounding the cabinet.

And one more game I'd put on there is that cool-arse Star Wars game, when you're in that c0ckpit view on the DeathStar run.

Ah memories...

RKRigney3693d ago

I freaking love pac man...

OldWizard3693d ago

Yeah it always had to be #1.

Stoneroses63003693d ago

I just can't figure out 2 things:

1) Where's digg dugg?

2) How is Burger Time on this list?

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The story is too old to be commented.