Gearbox Software´s CEO Randy Pitchford just sang an anti-GamerGate song live at Pax West 2016

I just saw Randy Pitchford (Gearbox Software´s CEO and co-founder) sing an anti-GamerGate song live during the Pax West 2016 event. And what can I say? Can I play with madness? Furthermore, I´m (Robin Ek, TGG) somewhat worried about the future of "Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary", and this is the reason why...

Hoffmann2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

This was the best Performance by Gearbox since the Borderlands 2 Trailer back in 2012 with the damn cool Nero - Doomsday track.

Kudos to Randy Pitchford. He is my Hero, he is Handsome. He is the Jack-in-a-box the video game industry really needs in these dark times.

I want to Pre-Order Aliens: Colonial Marines II: The Se-Prequel now.

Hoffmann2825d ago

I prefer the nickname Anti-Christ but you are welcome to call me Reinhold from now on ;-)

Bansai2824d ago

Randy is probably the biggest liar in the industry next to Molyenux and Murray. Aliens and Duke Nukem are perfect examples, especially aliens.

TwoForce2825d ago

Yeah about that game, I don't want him to do it.

TGG_overlord2825d ago

Either do, as I have a feeling that the game wil become the "Ghostbusters 2016" of gaming...

TGG_overlord2825d ago

No one does mate, and I think it´s safe to say that Gearbox is working on yet another flop title.

Simon_the_sorcerer2824d ago

No one does mate, and I think a lot of the Duke fans will boycott the game as well.

rainslacker2823d ago

So, Duchess Nukem?

I swear, if they have two scantily clad, hunky guys sitting at her feet, I'm getting my pitchfork, and tuning up my keyboard to do some twitter rioting so I can feel good about myself for being all proactive over meaningless crap. After that, we can all hug it out and say how awesome we are....maybe get some frappachinos, play Gone Home, and worship at our mini-home alters to the almighty Sarkeesian.

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Nitrowolf22825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Sign me up for that ride


Of Course I never leave the house without it

TGG_overlord2825d ago

In that case, then I really hope that you have brought an extra vomit bag with you ;)

Simon_the_sorcerer2824d ago

Pitchford has made the Gaming news worldwide mate, and most Gamers don´t see him as a jolly good lad :P

Kurdishcurse2824d ago

Dont let the children disliking you have any effect. Toddlers dont usually think on a third grade level. Probably easier to dislike

Dunban672823d ago

handsome? now i know you are kidding- dude was hit with the ugly stick- prob hoping he can lose his virginity with some pitty puss from some neo fem

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TGG_overlord2825d ago

"I prefer the nickname Anti-Christ but you are welcome to call me Reinhold from now on ;-)"

Haha! Gotcha ;)

Hoffmann2825d ago

*5* ps: I have a little news for you in 1-2 weeks, a really cool announcement and your site will be the first one to share it.

TGG_overlord2825d ago

Ah, sweet =) You can reach us on [email protected] ;) Thanks!

Simon_the_sorcerer2824d ago

Well, congratulations Pitchford. You have just out done Tim Schafer´s stupid puppet stunt at GDC 2015.

Cy2824d ago

At least GG was still relevant in 2015. Schafer's puppet thing was a total embarrassment, but his timing was sort of on point.

annoyedgamer2824d ago

What a loser, GamerGate hasnt really been active for a while now and the leftists have nothing to be victims off so we gotta resurrect old controversies.

yarbie10002824d ago

You can't kill an idea...you bet it's active

rainslacker2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

It actually has been fairly active. I thought it kind of died down because I haven't seen much about it, but think that's because I haven't been looking outside N4G much for any news, or going to the few forums which focus on such things. After the chat log leaks, I was kind of surprised there was still so much going on, and now I kind of feel sort of bad for not paying attention or adding my voice where I could.

GG itself isn't quite as robust as it once was, and it's more people just doing what they feel is the right thing, mostly ignoring SJW BS, and doing what they can to find acts and proof of impropriety in terms of ethics in the gaming press and the industry in general.