Minor 360 dashboard update

Those of you logging onto Xbox Live today - perhaps in search of new Live Arcade title Ms. Pac-Man, or on the hunt for the new Gears of War maps - might be surprised by a downloadable update for the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Not to worry though, because it's nothing major. As explained by, er, Major Nelson, otherwise (although not very often) known as Xbox Live's director of programming Larry Hryb. "There is nothing major in this one, it just addresses a few performance and stability issues," he said on his blog.

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TheMART5233d ago

"PS3 Fan 10 Jan 2007 07:39"

Voting lame over an update? You are one of the worst die hard stupid blindly fans around

THAMMER15233d ago

PS3fans hart is broken. He found out that pretending that some thing is true dose not make it a fact. He should have taken the red pill because once you’re disconnected from the matrix it takes some time to adjust and a lot of people just can not take reality.

I bet he wishes the PS3 would release a backward compatibility update or even a better game line up so he could stop being a tie @ss douche bag.

calderra5233d ago

*gauntlet voice*

THAMMER15233d ago

I do not get your point in the 1st place. If you are looking for a slick way diss me try harder or ask your girl friend. I taught her a few tricks before. I’m sure she can impress you, she was a great student.

USMChardcharger5233d ago

THAMMER1 he just used a video game reference to try and say you are the geek,lol.
*gauntlet voice*, lol

he might as well have said
*in Captian Kirk's voice*

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