Gates labels Nintendo the "toughest competition"

Internet reports have picked up on an interview broadcasted on Japanese television station, TV Tokyo, in which Bill Gates cites Nintendo as the biggest competitor in the latest console war.

"The strength of Nintendo has been very impressive and surprised a lot of people. And [considering] the strength of the Wii - we see Nintendo as our toughest competition", says Gates.

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the_bebop5240d ago

"The Mercury News also asked Gates how he felt about the Nintendo Wii, but as it turns out Bill doesn't have much to say on the subject. He stated that to his mind Sony was always the direct competitor, and that without next-gen graphics the novelty of Wii's unique controller would probably wear off soon."

You cannot have it both ways Bill.

calderra5240d ago

Yeah, looks like Gates is becoming the new Kutaragi. This does not make me happy.

And for Sony fans- you also have nothing to gloat about. See also how Kaz has been up to his usual shenanigans lately.

THAMMER15240d ago

If you look at if from a market aspect Sony is the true direct competitor. Bill G-money Gates was referring to Nintendo's sales not the over all market.

If Sony ends up in 3rd place then he will refer to Nintendo as a market competitor.

As of 01/10/2007 M$ 1st
Nintendo 2nd
Sony 3rd

It is all in you ability to understand what you read.

the_bebop5240d ago

You mean the ability for a person to interpret it in there own way, not understand.

PS360WII5240d ago

Bill Gates once said that Sony is the direct competitor in this race of consoles. That was before the Wii sold this crazy amount and still has high demand. He's just finally looking at the fact that PS3 is not selling the way anyone would of guessed and the same goes for the Wii. So you have to give Gates credit at first he looked at the Wii as this gens 3rd place but soon found out that hey wait they accually know what's going on this time around. So yeah you can have it both ways but he clearly see Nintendo as more of a competitor than before

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The story is too old to be commented.