Nier Automata Interview: Square talks RPG systems and the Platinum partnership

Nier Automata's developers talk about RPG systems, the Square Enix & Platinum Partnership, and why there's no Xbox One version.

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poppinslops1136d ago

His answer regarding xbox/PC ports is absurdly non-committal - sounds like a workload issue as-opposed to an actual exclusivity arrangement (though I wouldn't be surprised if Sony try to market it as an exclusive)... assuming the game doesn't flop (according to SE/Platinum's standards) then I'd fully expect to see a post-release Xbox version.

Here's hoping the original Nier gets the backwards-compatible treatment, as that game is damn-near impossible to find in stores and it doesn't have a digital or a PC version - not to mention it would be nice to be able to play both games on the same machine... Either way, the Neo should be out before Automata, so I won't need to worry about specs with regards to the (apparently gimped) PC version.

PhoenixUp1136d ago

Square Enix is getting tired of their RPGs not selling on Xbox platforms

1135d ago
thatguyhayat1135d ago

Its why kingdom hearts 3 wont be on xbox in Japan