Insomniac demoing a new SP footage of Resistance 2 tomorrow

JStevenson who is one of the developers of Resistance 2, has revealed today that Insomniac would be demoing the first ever SP footage of the Single Player mission of Resistance 2, exclusively to the Gamestop employees at a private meeting.

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Bombibomb3720d ago

Sad how we still don't have any SP HD footage on PSN yet.

Overr8ed3720d ago

time to wait for the leaked videos

i_like_ff73720d ago

I thought we've already seen single player. Or have we only seen the coop?

xaphanze3720d ago

No, it was SP.It was the mission where you had to fight that huge chimera.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3720d ago

xBot Lemmings CRY!!! ;-D

WE!!! NEED!!! ANOTHER!!! PRICE!!! CUT!!! FOR!!! THE!!! xBox 360!!! NOW!!! ;-D

LeonSKennedy4Life3720d ago

We have seen Single Player...

...but this is final build stuff here.

LarVanian3720d ago

If Insomniac manage to get the entire SP mode to look as good as the SF level, I will sh!t bricks.

LarVanian3720d ago

pp got self-owned LOL!!!

juuken3720d ago

You can't spell for sh*t.
Back to grammar school you go. -.-

pilotpistolpete3720d ago

Hmmm, one word wrong out of 6, that's about 17%, still better than the RROD hahaha.

Sorry xbox fanboys, It's just to "lauph" at pp here, no hard feelings.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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