Virtua Tennis 3 (First Impressions)

How do you improve a game as good as Virtua Tennis 2? Even though it's been four or five years since its release, it's still the best tennis game on any platform, anywhere. The sheer simplicity of the series masks an astonishing achievement: by pinning down the physics of a tennis ball and tying it together with simple, effective controls the game boils down to position and timing. Which means it's basically as open-ended as the real thing, and each game - heck, each point - is capable of unfolding into infinite possibilities. So exactly how do you build on 'one of the most enduringly playable games of all time' (as it's been referred to in some very highly respected quarters)?

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TheMART5242d ago

"the online features (which aren't present on the PS3), will definitely be really good, boasting 60 frames per second online, and a variety of modes, including ranked matches, friendly matches, TV (where you can watch other games online) and a leaderboard - where it's possible to upload and download highlight clips."

Damn you're missing out a lot if you bought a PS3 these days

bigmack5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

its not like the end of the world. im gonna get it when it comes out for the ps3. it looks fun.

gogators5241d ago

This will be a great game online. Top Spin was fun when you played with good people. No online means this game will be played on my 360 and my playstation 3 still only gets to see movies, which is all it's good for at the moment. How much time did Sony have to put in place a unified online system. Why doesn't this seem to be important to Sony. They cannot win this war unless they get the online play going and fast. XBOX live is worth every penny. Sony needs to charge so they have the fund to act and just shrug everytime another game lacks online play.

addictedtogames5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

Top Spin was fun.

My personal opinion is that top spin totally sucks. Please play virtua tennis on dreamcast, best tennis game 2k2 was also good.