Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Open Beta is GO

Warhammer online writes: "WAAAGH!!!

The Reckoning is at hand as hundreds of thousands can now embark on their epic adventures in Open Beta!

This is a monumental step for the game and the community and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you all.

WAR has come, it is now up to you to forge your destiny and choose your allegiance in this epic struggle."

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RememberThe3573744d ago

If I played MMORPGs I'd probably be all over this, most likely. Maybe.

Ghoul3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

The European registration server have been blown to smithereens

"Dear all,

I rarely address players directly, but I wanted to write you as too few of you have been able to access the open beta today.

As my team explained in the previous post, although we have opened the servers and corrected numerous issues during the last 24 hours but we have not yet solved the issue of saturated Open Beta key activations that we’re currently experiencing. I am sincerely sorry for this, and I understand all the frustration the situation has spawned.

Today was a dark day. We expected a massive influx of players, but reality was even harsher.
I personally commit that we will communicate to you as clearly as possible on the resolution of these current issues. My goal is to give Warhammer Online the success it deserves. Be ensured that all GOA teams, with Mythic’s support, are working hard to bring you the best possible game experience.

Best regards,
Ghislaine Le Rhun

and yes i am pissed i am frustrated as sunday was my only free timeframe for the next 10 days to at least get a look a the classes.
And my fears are even further growing that the headstart will be the same mess (first gamelaunch in years i actively took 2 days off from work to relax and play a videoplay)

mariusmal3744d ago

yeah mate i got pissed off too. i could only registered the beta key late at night and only played for a bit. but i gotta say... i liked what i saw.

divideby03744d ago

after many, hours of d/ling and patching (if I didnt have a uber cable connection, I wouldnt even try for another few days)...I have about 12 hours in and the game is addicting...they do some excellent stuff which will be used in all MMORPs..
I just cant justify paying 15 bucks per month to play these types of games, after paying for the game....
performance on a high end laptop (512M graphics card) is terrible, but at least they tell you that