No Man’s Sky: The Longest Game Ever Made But Will Anyone Ever Finish It?

TNT: No Man's Sky costs $60 and all your time; an open-world game gone wrong.

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Perjoss870d ago

spoilers i guess

I read somewhere that there's 256 galaxies and if it takes about 30 hours to reach the center of each one that's over 7,500 hours to reach the center of the last one, and you probably just start again from the first one so I see little point.

NotEvenMyFinalForm870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

There's people that have finished 11 Galaxies and it's just the same again and again. There is no point. Nothing changes.

FattyBoy3D869d ago

No. Because after u have played it for 20 minutes u will fall asleep. If u manage to power through and play for an hour u will Hang yourself. So I doubt if anyone will finish it but if there is a spike in the suicide rate in the gaming community then u will at least know that people gave it the old college try