Physical Discs are Alive and Kicking for Video Games in 2016

We may be heading to an all-digital future, but physical discs are alive, well, and kicking in 2016 and beyond.

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annoyedgamer802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

All digital will be the death of a huge portion of the free market. Expect prices to skyrocket and a large portion of gamers to be shut out due to lower income brackets.

A company will have to devise a system where game codes are transferable between users.

darthv72802d ago

with companies like limited run games releasing physical versions of once digital games it just shows the collector market is keeping physical alive as opposed to the regular gaming market.

Most gamers that just want to play will pick up the game in digital or physical depending on how its released. Would it be nice if there were a physical release for every game? Sure but that isnt going to happen unless more people vote with their wallet and stop buying digital. That kind of convenience is a tough habit to break though, especially if it is a really hyped and anticipated release.

Bottom line with current gen games, since they do not play from the media itself... that disc is really nothing but the delivery system for the data. there are no more instruction manuals, the packaging is getting cheaply made. There is hardly any point to physical except for shelf collectors that like the look.

Army_of_Darkness801d ago

Don't know about you guys but I buy either or, depending on the sale... Like my last 3 games uncharted 4,ratchet and clank remake and mgs5 all physical, while older games for dirt cheap on those psn flash sales I get digital... Best of both worlds.

Kryptix801d ago (Edited 801d ago )

*sigh* Really?

Are console physical discs easier to refund? Check
Can you trade in physical discs for money that you can put into anything else not related to gaming? Check
Can you take a physical disc to a friend's house without them needing to waste time downloading it digitally? Check
I mean, local coop is still a thing so...
Also, another important one, letting friends borrow your games and you borrow theirs.
And if you ever lose your account to theft or you forget your account info, get banned maybe, you still own your games.

Physical copies will always reign supreme, no matter how you argue against it. Unless they start implementing share features, easier and better refunding, better theft protection, let friends download your library, (of course, if they want to play the game, you can't play any other game on that account in the meantime) and games to be transferable account to account if you can provide identity info, and reduce pricing...then, the safest and best option is to have the access code within the disc. And I play a lot of games digitally on Steam, being a PC gamer, but I'm not blinded and can see why physical discs will be kicking stronger than digital for a really long time. Gaming is just something else when it comes to the argument...completely something else compared to let's say, film distribution where streaming on a mobile device is easy at wifi enabled locations.

rainslacker800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Yeah OK. Digital sales of any one game offered through both digital and retail, still don't make up for more than 25% of the total game sales of a single product out there.....and most don't even go above 15%.

So yeah, Most....keep on believing it's the collector's market.

Cripes, even music downloads didn't exceed CD sales until about 2 years ago....but sure....50GB games are definitely going to take off much faster than that.

LRG is popular, because they make real collector's items. Digital games you can't get elsewhere, and their games sell out in minutes because they only make 2-3K copies of a single game, which is unlikely to ever see a physical release. Collector's market is never a good indicator of the general consumer....nor does it denote anything about the overall consumer market, as it's it's own market.

fenome802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

I rarely buy digital, unless it's an absolute favorite and even then I always start with the physical and then end up getting the digital down the road. I enjoy seeing my game collection on my shelf and hard disk drives fill up quick.

ITPython801d ago

I'll buy physical disks for as long as I can. Its bad enough buying a new game on disk only to need a 10GB patch on day 1, which basically means hours and hours of downloading before I can play the game.

rainslacker800d ago

The only thing I would buy digital for...outside games only available digitally...or a really good sale on MP only games, because the physical version will likely be dead in the water one day anyhow.

Granted, I don't play many MP only games....MMO's being the only I don't buy many games digitally.

PhoenixUp801d ago

Physical media will always provide too many benefits to ever be dead.

The title of this article should be Water is Wet

MasterCornholio801d ago

I like feeding my PS4 plastic discs.


Will always buy physical when possible.

UltraNova801d ago

Same here. Nothing can beat the trip to the game store or checking your mailbox to pick up that game you've been waiting for then going home smell that awesome new wrap scent, opening the box and "feeding"your system with the disc while getting ready for hours and hours of gaming. Finally adding the sexy case in its spot on the video game collection shelf...

Goddamn it digital is souless...

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