ARK: Scorched Earth DLC Introduces All New Region and Creatures to Survival Title

Despite ARK: Survival Evolved still being in open access, developers Wildcard studios have officially released the first DLC for the dinosaur-survival title, set in an all new fiery, drought-ridden desert world. This is ARK: Scorched Earth.

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EddieNX 1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Wish these guys would hurry the f$ck up and finish this game. I've had it since like January and it was too unpolished to play imo. The concept though is really exciting and I just want the full game to release, and now they're releasing DLC whilst its unfinished :s

Lenrulesdaworld1962d ago

absolutely agree, I lost a lvl 210 spino whose stats where godly, just logged in one day and just disappeared. And the rubberband is atrocious but the game can be extremely addicting.

ocelot071962d ago

I don't agree with them releasing paid for DLC. While the base game is unfinished.