Mid-range and high-end graphics market summary

Fudzilla writes: "After talking about sub-100 euro graphics, it's time to take a look at the bourgeois side of the market, the high-end and mid-range. The market has changed quite a bit in the past year, blurring the dividing lines between all market segments. Strong competition has driven prices into the ground. ATI's HD4870 X2, the fastest card on the market, currently sells for under 400 euro, and you can get great graphics for half as much. Gone are the days of 700-800 euro Ultras, today's high-end cards sell for half as much.

This market segment has been Nvidia turf for years, but in recent months the tables have turned and ATI is now the big bad wolf. Starting at the cheap side, Nvidia is offering its 9800GTX+ for 150 euro. You can still find plain GTX cards but they're few and far between. Also, many 9800GT/9600GT cards also sell for well over 100 euro, while some non-reference cards even retail close to €150. If you go for ATI, you can get an HD4850 for 125 euro or a dual headed HD3870 X2 for just over 150 ero, enough said. ATI takes this round hands down."

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