TaLkingAboutGames Hands on: Valkyria Chronicles

TalkingAboutGames writes: "A turn based, tactical RPG set in an alternate 1930s wartime reality. This sounds eerily familiar to another game which I recently reviewed here. The small country of Gallia has been doing all it can to stay out of a world wide conflict between the East European Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation. Unfortunately for them, Gallia is rich in a particular type of ore which is a highly valuble energy source.

SEGA developed the CANVAS engine specifically for this game and are hoping the gameplay can match the pretty graphics. The nice folks at the SEGA booth were happy to talk all about Valkyria Chronicles and give me a little private time with her as well. Is this game going to be a hit or should I use my command points to toss it in the trash?"

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UltimateIdiot9113691d ago

I'm psych about this game, and the box are looks great.

Sevir043691d ago

it's like they took the concept art for the game and made you play it, kinda like the new Prince of persia game, even though the engine for prince of persia is the assassin's creed endine they are still pulled off the concept art look. i like it alot. nothing looks polygonal... nice stuff. I might buy this game if it gets good reviews