Do You Remember... Tombi

ScrewAttack's Katajero writes:

"Tomba!, or Tombi! as known to us British folk, is a side-scrolling adventure game created by Whoopee Camp. But really, this title is the sleeper hit that flew away... *sniff*

This game was stemed from the brain of Tokuro Fujiwara, after reading Wikipedia I found out had produced many other iconic games. Mega Man 1 to 7, the Mega Man X series as I like to put it, Bionic Commando, Super Ghouls n' Ghosts and many more golden oldies. Just read up his profile.

Everyone has their own story of how they were introduced to Tombi. I found out about the game during a trip to London, my cousin had a Playstation and I browsed through all his games somewhat puzzled that they were all different to the ones I had. Somehow the one I picked had a demo of Tombi!, I think it was a one hour demo but one play and I was hooked.

The story? Ah well it's about evil pigs coming over to Tombi's land and making it all wierd and stuff. Tombi seemed to tolerate it a little, but when one of the pigs stole his gold bracelet that his grandad gave him, shit got real ugly. Now Tombi is on an epic quest to BANISH THESE EVIL PIGS BACK TO WHERE THEY COME FROM! It's just convenient he takes out all the other evil pigs, they were just in the way between him and that bracelet. DETERMINATION."

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Bombibomb4315d ago

I thought it was Tomba. >_>

SUP3R4315d ago

PAL version was Tombi.