Sony Shows Off Razor-thin Prototype OLED TVs

Sony showed early models of flat panel TVs that were as thin as 8 millimeters--less than the width of a pen--and they were bright and beautiful. The displays used OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology that doesn't require power-hungry backlighting, so the display can be extremely thin and energy conscious compared to LCD flat panel display technology.

Sony showed two prototype models. One was an 11-millimeters thin 27-inch TV supporting high-def resolutions of 1920 x 1080. A second 8 millimeters thin 11-inch TV supported resolutions of up to 1024 x 600.

A Sony press representative said the company had no immediate plans to make OLED TVs commercially available. However, according to a report by CNET's, Sony may ship OLED TVs in 2008.

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THWIP5235d ago

It's pretty freaky...the organic compound used is basically a synthesized laboratory version of what makes certain deep-sea creatures "glow". 0_o

MicroGamer5235d ago

but in typical Sony fashion it will likely only be affordable by the mega rich.

DEIx15x85235d ago

The thing that i always worry about when companies go thinner is how the product will withstand use. When they release new iPods they always get thinner and the original Nano had a cracking problem as a result. TVs aren't moved or put to as much stress but still need to be sturdy. I move my 20" LCD TV and 48" Projection TV about 6 times a year when i move my console around. Moving this around to get to the connections would worry me.

THWIP5235d ago

A T.V. that thin, is designed more for wall mounting, than freestanding.