Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for September 2016 any good?

Neil writes "If you’re an Xbox One or Xbox 360 gamer then you may wish to sit down as we’ve got some great news for you. The Xbox Games With Gold scheme is back for September 2016 and it is bringing us free games once more. What’s good about that you may ask? Well, this month’s titles are looking very tasty indeed."

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oKidUKo867d ago

Earthlock is the standout. I know some will enjoy the BC titles but for me it's games ive hammered already.

darthv72867d ago

I've never played a horizon game (other than the demo) so I'd say that one is good for me. Mirror's edge I had on PS+ but then I let my sub lapse so it is no longer playable. If I get it on 360 it is mine forever!!!!!

dantesparda867d ago

"If I get it on 360 it is mine forever!!!!!"
Really, man? That excites you that much?

darthv72867d ago

^it's the little things ;-)

Condemnedman867d ago

hey kingthrash compared to Sonys lavish offerings a over the last six months?

Kingthrash360867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

You don't see me praising psn either...this month is much better than gwg but I didn't walk in here saying anything about it...but here you go starting a fight you can't finish.
And it's not like I just walked in here and said weak month...the article asked...I answered.
As for psn they did release NBA 2k16....a 7 month old AAA game.
Non of these 4,5,6 year old last gen games are gunna impress me for xbox since I beat them already....but that's my opinion. Of you like it then enjoy your month. I'd just rather get excited about xbo games I haven't played rather than 360 games I beat years ago...its just hard to get excited. This month is a weak month. Imo.

Y'know what's funny to me tho people praise MS for BC because they can play games they own. So when a new game is available people be like yesss imma put my old copy in and play! But when that game becomes free on gwg I never hear anyone say they own the game already...just the same giddyness. So I'm like well dam it seems like you own it already but when it's free you act like you don't own it. These BC games cost too much as it is you can find forza for like 8 bucks and mirrors for less than that but on xbo they 19.99 and 14.99 so if you don't have them you gotta pay more than you would if you go to gamestop or ebay...I never hear these complaints tho. It's like people ignore the bad stuff when it comes to ms and downplay good stuff from anyone else.....but then act surprised when ms tries to jip you. Smh what's up with the sudden blindness.

Ahmay867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

has there been some changes?

i see so for microsoft once ur not a member u still have those games? Nice feature indeed.

darthv72867d ago

@thrash... "its just hard to get excited" well then you are doing it wrong. they make pills for that (lol)

as for the rest of your rant... 'yawn' change the record bro you been stuck in a loop for a while now and its very predictable to the point of people see your name they know what you are typing without even reading it.

you need some new material.

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christocolus867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

Just downloaded it . can't wait to start playing. Also thanks to GWG I now have digital copies of all 3 FH games and for those interested in Forza Horizon don't forget to download all the free DLC's. A user on reddit has posted the direct links to all the DLC's in the reddit link below.

LucasRuinedChildhood867d ago

I personally think that the XB1 games here are weak, but the 360 games are VERY strong. I currently don't have a XB1, but I think MS's strong linking of backwards compatibility with Games for Gold, is a pretty great policy. Looking at these lists really makes me hope that the Neo has PS3 backwards compatibility (power shouldn't be an excuse anymore). I still play my PS3 regularly, but I want to fully migrate over to my PS4 and pack the PS3 away.

DARK_WOLF867d ago

I think the xb1 games look good. Not incredible but im lookin forward to playing them.

game4funz867d ago

They have an RPG and a side stroller of a known franchise. Interesting choices.

TheUndertaker85867d ago

@game4funz: What sidescroller are you talking about? AC Chronicles which is free on the 16th?

Neither Forza Horizon nor Earthlock are sidescroller.

TheUndertaker85867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

PS4 BC is not going to happen. Particularly when Sony can continue charging for the same content multiple times. PS3 & PS2 games have already seen remasters. PSOne will follow suit shortly with Crash being remastered.

Sony even dropped the ball by making PS Now users repurchase their already digital purchases again. If anything close to BC was coming to PS4 that would've been the easiest way to start delivering it.

LexHazard79867d ago

Sadly they'll just add the games to PS Now and charge that way.

dantesparda867d ago

"really makes me hope that the Neo has PS3 backwards compatibility (power shouldn't be an excuse anymore)"

You really think that a mere 500mhz is enough to make the CellBE emulatable on the Neo's CPU (which is probably still Jaguar based CPU? but might actually be a Zen-Lite based CPU). It doesnt work that way. The 360's CPU is vastly easier to emulate, thats why MS was able to pull it off. But a Cell would be damn nearly impossible to emulate even on the best i7. And no, im not saying that its ultra powerful or anything like that but there are aspects of its architecture that would still be impossible to emulate even the fastest CPUs.

And the 360s GWG offerings from MS each month are no better than PS+ PS3 offering. As a matter of fact Mirror's Edge was giving out years ago on PS+. And while you may think that the 360's BC offerings would allow you to pack up your old system. That would only be possible if they had already emulated all the games you wanted already, cuz what are they up to on X1 BC games now, like 300 games? versus what, like well over 1500 360 games?

LucasRuinedChildhood867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

I like their policy. I never said that their 360 offerings were better. I'm a big advocate of PS Plus (I think it's a better service, overall). I'm praising that you can play actually play them on your XB1. There's no way you can spin that to be a bad thing. It's a big deal being able to play these free 360 games on your XB1 (it's 2 more games per month for your next-gen console). I wanted to play Human Revolution in anticipation of Mankind Divided. But honestly, I didn't feel like playing my PS3. It's nearly a decade old. Being anything other than positive about MS's policy, is illogical. I've always been more of a PlayStation gamer, but I refuse to be a whiny fanboy.

Their slowly crossing off games, while also giving them away for free. It's far better than nothing (better off playing PS3 than PS Now - playing natively is better than streaming). And we don't know the Neo's specs yet. It could have gotten a bump in power. Aren't you basing your calculation off old rumours when it was said to be 2.1GHz, whereas the current rumour is to be at least 4GHz?

brokasfawk867d ago

This is the first month that I haven't played any of the offerings.
I'll gladly download all 4 this month

cfc83867d ago

Might give Forza a quick spin. Other than that i've no interest.

Elit3Nick867d ago

It really is, while lots of Horizon 2's mechanics are vastly superior, the music selection was magical for immersing you in the game's atmosphere.

DarthJay867d ago

I always "download" or claim all four titles just to own the digital license, even if I already own the game on disc. It just means I can put the disc away and always have access, or I can store them and play later if I want. I hate racing games but who knows, I it takes nothing to hit the download button and then cancel so you at least have it in your inventory just in case.

Perjoss867d ago

When you say own the license is it like ps plus where you lose them if you stop subbing or can you actually keep them?

richmoral867d ago


the Xbox360 games you get to keep. Xbox One games need Xbox Live Gold to play them.

LexHazard79867d ago

Never played EarthLock, Mirrors Edge or AC chronicles. So I'd say another good month for me.

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