Aliens Colonial Marines shakycam teaser

Here's an off-screen recording of the Aliens: Colonial Marines teaser trailer.

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Hellsvacancy3746d ago

But im not interested in Cg videos any more its a game-play trailer i would like to see

From what i saw it looked good but i've been caught out before with good looking trailers for games - Lost Planet being one of them

I do have high hopes though

zornik3746d ago

Yep...looking forward to this game.After alle those crap movies i hope this game is going to be good.
Also looking forward to the ALIEN RPG from SEGA and the makers of KOTOR 2.

Veronica Belmont3746d ago

I read alot of infomation about this game around 6 months ago, Im really looking forward to it and the co-op gameplay sounds very good.

Harry1903746d ago

from the Jace Hall show.(Great web series btw)

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The story is too old to be commented.