Destiny’s “Rise of Iron”: Bungie’s DeeJ says Supremacy is all about honour

Stevivor took the opportunity at Gamescom last month to sit down with Bungie’s David ‘DeeJ’ Dague, Destiny‘s Community Manager, to discuss the upcoming Supremacy mode within the game’s “Rise of Iron” expansion.

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joab777869d ago

Don't get me wrong, I think Destiny has made giant leaps forward and I have high hopes for this expansion as well as D2. It has real staying power.

That said, I love when devs try to build up something that is simply a mode that's been around awhile, putting their own spin on it. I just can't believe that the devs that made Halo multiplayer just added private matches, and have yet to really push the multiplayer genre forward in any dynamic way. I really, really thought that Destiny would be an opportunity for unoaralled customization and ever-changing gameplay...but it hasn't been.

The artifacts are a great addition, I just would love to see them really focus on the next generation of 1st person multiplayer for D2.